Is There Freedom Of Speech In This World?

Illustration by Carlos Latuff

Anti-Islam Movie Radicalizes Muslims Precisely eleven years after the events which catalyzed the United States “war on terror” and a series of conflicts from Afghanistan to Syria the release of “Innocence of Muslims” catalyzed world wide mass protests. After three weeks the protests continue unrelenting. The political discourse is dominated by radical demands for the hanging … [Read more...]

Abla Saadat: A Palestinian Stateswoman marked by “Terrorism”

By Christof Lehmann | Sabbah Report: Abla Sa'adat, the Chairwoman of the Palestinian Women Organizations and wife of the Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) visited Denmark. I met Abla Sa'adat at a meeting where she told a group of mostly young Danes about Palestine. Had one expected an Abla Sa'adat who conforms with … [Read more...]

Israel and the Celebration of the Anniversary of Genocide in Gaza

gaza cast lead phosphorus bombs

When observing the aerial bombardment, heavy artillery and haubitzer shelling of Gaza, three years ago, I remembered Erich Maria Remarqe's, book All quiet on the Western Front, and the passage that has been deeply imprinted into my memory, where he described the shelling of a graveyard during the first world war, while a platoon of troops that got caught in artillery fire while … [Read more...]

Palestine Israel History and Theirstory (Part 4/4)

Palestine Israel History and Theirstory

Palestine Israel History and Theirstory: (Read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.) The De Facto Argument. One could argue that the state of Israel has gained legitimacy due to it´s 60 plus years of de facto existence and functioning. The weakness of this argument is that it provides precedence for illegal practices being legitimized due to having been practiced for a sufficient … [Read more...]

Palestine Israel History and Theirstory (Part 3/4)

Palestine Israel History and Theirstory

Palestine Israel History and Theirstory. (Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here) Legitimate and Illegitimate Discourses on Palestine and Israel. The Unique Suffering of the Jewish People Let there be no doubt. During World war Two the Jewish people of Europe have suffered severe dehumanization. In movies such as “Der Ewige Jude” (12) an entire people was in propaganda movies … [Read more...]