Clone Steak Safe, Unless It Isn’t

Milk and meat from cloned animals probably is safe for human consumption, but there are still a lot of unknowns, according to a new report. A National Academy of Sciences report released Wednesday said there's no evidence that milk or meat from cloned animals will make anyone sick. But it also said … [Read more...]

European Satellites Track ‘Killer Waves’

Cataclysmic waves that smash ships to bits are considered the stuff of sailors' tales. But data gathered by the European Space Agency proves otherwise: rogue waves exist and surface more frequently than previously known. More than 200 massive cargo ships sank over the past two decades and some of them … [Read more...]

Space Technology Aids Life on Earth

Earthly spin-offs of technology developed for space travel has long been a bonus for nations launching humans and machines into orbit. Two new machines developed with the help of NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have found their way into hospitals on Earth, where physicians have put them to use … [Read more...]

Flying Robots

Fort Benning's International Aerial Robotics Competition tests ingenuity. What if there was a robot that could fly? Perhaps, even save a life or gather information on an enemy? That's what future scientists and engineers set out to do Thursday at the 14th Annual International Aerial Robotics Competition … [Read more...]

Nano Refrigerators

Nanomaterial Yields Cool Results A pinch of iron dramatically boosts the cooling performance of a material considered key to the development of magnetic refrigerators, report researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the June 24 issue of the journal Nature. The achievement … [Read more...]

Nigerian Killer Calls

Mobile phone use has taken off in Nigeria in recent years Nigerian mobile phone users have been anxiously checking who is calling them before answering them in recent days. A rumour has spread rapidly in the commercial capital, Lagos, that if one answers calls from certain "killer numbers" then one will … [Read more...]

Whomever You Are They Will Kill You

On 6 July 2004 Professor Khaled Salah of An-Najah National University, along with son Muhammad, were killed by an Israeli attack unit. The Salah home was later demolished by six helicopter rockets. A press conference by the wife and daughter of Prof. Khaled Salah "If I am Palestinian they will kill … [Read more...]


Q. You’re married? A. Right. Q. Children? A. Two. Q. How old? A. The boy is two and a half, and the little girl is a year and a half. Q. Obviously, the question comes to my mind... the father of two little kids like that... how can he shoot babies? A. I didn’t have the little girl. I just … [Read more...]

Phones On Planes

Airplane 3G mobile phone test successful American Airlines and Qualcomm have completed a test flight of a new system to allow airplane passengers to use their mobile phones while in the air. The 3G "picocell" network used on the 2 hour proof-of-concept flight out of Dallas allowed passengers to place … [Read more...]

Free Meal Promotion For Relatives of Genghis Khan

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It is estimated that 17 million people worldwide, including the British Royal Family, Iranian Royalty, and the family of Dracula, are direct descendents of Genghis Khan. A London restaurant chain is offering customers free DNA testing to see if they're descended from Genghis Khan. Restaurant Shish has … [Read more...]

Novel to come out in SMSs

A Chinese author is bringing out a novel that will only be available as a sequence of text messages. BBC Online, quoting China's official Xinhau news agency, says Qian Fuchang has reduced his novel Outside the Fortress Besieged into 60 chapters of 70 characters each. And pundits insists the novel, … [Read more...]

A Letter from the Hunger Strikers’ Tent

Protesting Israel's Apartheid Wall By TOUFIC HADDAD writing from day 5 of the solidarity tent in Ar Ram where at least 17 people have joined in on the hunger strike protesting Israel's apartheid wall. Despite the heat wave (36 centigrade) there is a good atmosphere in the tent, and the hunger strikers - … [Read more...]

Blue Moon

The month of July 2004 has two full moons, which means one of them is a Blue Moon. But will it really be blue? Believe it or not, scientists say blue-colored moons are real. When you hear someone say "Once in a Blue Moon…" you know what they mean: Rare. Seldom. Maybe even absurd. After all, when was … [Read more...]

US media and Israeli “Gaza pullout” charade

A Palestinian youth, bearing signs of physical violence, is seen in an undated picture which was shown in a Jerusalem court by the Israel Justice Ministry, June 1, 2004 at the start of a trial against three Israeli border policemen. The policemen were arrested this week for allegedly abusing two 17-year old … [Read more...]

Computerising The Body

Microsoft wins patent to exploit network potential of skin. Fact or fiction - carrying a keyboard on your arm. Call it the ultimate wireless network. From the ends of your fingers to the tips of your toes, the human body is a moving, throbbing collection of tubes and tunnels, filled with salty water and … [Read more...]

WTC Official Start of Construction

STAR-SPANGLED START FOR WTC. Nearly three years after the Twin Towers fell, a 20-ton block of granite will be set in place tomorrow to mark the official start of construction on the 1,776-foot tower that will rise on the site of the World Trade Center. The cornerstone-laying is "an incredible step for … [Read more...]

Flavored Bananas

Chiquita plans costlier, tastier bananas. It seems that every time I pick up some sort of fruit juice these days it's one of these funky "mixes": banana-apple-kiwi or pineapple-cranberry-rambutan or whatever. I'm not exactly sure what the excitement is about mixing fruits, but apparently it's leaving the … [Read more...]