Kerry is a mass-murderer. Bush is psycho. What’s a voter to do?

A Question of Character! by Justin Raimondo The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that we're reliving the last days of the Roman Empire. Of course, that's not all bad, especially if you like peeled grapes, gladiatorial games, and those cute little tunics on men: but it isn't all fun and games, either, particularly when you get into the political arena, not to … [Read more...]

Clone Steak Safe, Unless It Isn’t

Milk and meat from cloned animals probably is safe for human consumption, but there are still a lot of unknowns, according to a new report. A National Academy of Sciences report released Wednesday said there's no evidence that milk or meat from cloned animals will make anyone sick. But it also said researchers need better testing methods and more data. While the NAS … [Read more...]

European Satellites Track ‘Killer Waves’

Cataclysmic waves that smash ships to bits are considered the stuff of sailors' tales. But data gathered by the European Space Agency proves otherwise: rogue waves exist and surface more frequently than previously known. More than 200 massive cargo ships sank over the past two decades and some of them could have fallen victim to "freak" ocean waves as high as 50 meters (162 … [Read more...]

Space Technology Aids Life on Earth

Earthly spin-offs of technology developed for space travel has long been a bonus for nations launching humans and machines into orbit. Two new machines developed with the help of NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have found their way into hospitals on Earth, where physicians have put them to use sniffing out harmful microbes and probing patients' skulls. In … [Read more...]

Flying Robots

Fort Benning's International Aerial Robotics Competition tests ingenuity. What if there was a robot that could fly? Perhaps, even save a life or gather information on an enemy? That's what future scientists and engineers set out to do Thursday at the 14th Annual International Aerial Robotics Competition at Fort Benning's McKenna Urban Operations Site. The first robot … [Read more...]