KITTY, a finger-mounted keyboard for data entry into PDA’s, Pocket ’s and Wearable Computers which has been developed here at the University of California in Irvine.
KITTY was one of this years ISWC (Int. Symposium on Wearable Computers) Wearable Show main features (see here).

KITTY, an acronym for Keyboard-Independent Touch-TYping, is a fingermounted keyboard that uses touch-typing as the method of data entry.

The device targets the portable computing market and in particular wearable computing systems, which are in the need of a silent, “invisible” data entry system based on touch-typing. The new device combines the idea of a finger-mounted chording device (such as the “Twiddler” by the HandKey Corp.), with the advantages of a system that uses touch-typing (such as the Virtual Keyboard by Senseboard or the Scurry by Samsung).

However, the KITTY system has distinct and important advantages in comparison to the mentioned devices (see attached Comment.txt document).

A patent application for KITTY has been submitted. We also have secured the international rights on the device.

More information about KITTY (including a Flash Demo) can be found at Kittytech.


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