Mesyaf (Summer Holiday) Marriage, New form of Prostitution in Saudi Arabia!

No, I’m not kidding. Alarabiya reported this… (in Arabic) and here is my translation to part of the article, followed by my comments:

After Almesyar marriage, blood, cassette, secret, on home, and the pleasure marriage, lately in a new form of weird ways of marriage is spreading called “Almesyaf Marriage” (Summer Holiday Marriage) specially between businessmen and businesswoman, to travel together during summer holidays in a state of husband and wife, but breaks as soon as the return home.

Boarding now. Passengers to London, please proceed to gate number 12The businessmen have some conditions in these “travel wife”, most important is that she should have good command of English language both spoken and written, nice looking, sexy and do not mind attending mixed parties.

Some of the Gulf Ameers put condition that the Saudi for such marriages should be from a rich powerful and known families, white skin, pretty face, sexy and accepts to travel with him anywhere in the world, specially during summer, she should have good command in English, and the pay (Maher) is not less than 150 thousand Saudi Riyal plus a car and a top class villa.

On the other hand, it’s not only businessmen who are looking for wives. Also Saudi Businesswomen go looking for a husband to become “Mehrem” for her during her travel abroad, in a condition that the husband should give her the permit to travel while he should accompany her, but do not stop her from going anywhere once they are outside Saudi Arabia. All that for in return that he can live with her or she buys him a car, etc…

Sheikh Ahmed Abdulqader, an Islamic consultant and a legal marriage officer in Saudi Arabia say that “Summer Holiday Marriage” is important so that men do not fall in during their travel abroad, specially that some woman are lately not ready to devote enough time for their husbands due to their life occupation, so the husband understands these circumstances and therefore such different type of marriages become necessary such as “Summer Holiday Marriage”.

Mrs. N.C. 33 years old, married her friend’s husband with the knowledge of her friend and family, who understood the necessity of her getting married before she can travel aboard to get her Ph.D

Saudi WomanIs this legal prostitution or not? Come on, this sucks!!! Is this the rights the Saudi woman are looking for? I mean how can they call for right (these rich ladies) while they act in such a such prostitution mind? Is this the freedom you are fighting for? I mean how you want us to sympathy with Saudi ladies when we hear all of this shit? Com’n, have some dignity and honor, and I’m speaking only to those Saudi woman who accept and believe in such cultural failure. You suck, you are no more than a prostitute and for those men, you are no more than sex sick maniacs, and should be hanged from your balls. I don’t even feel sorry for you, you made me feel disgusted, and shame of being called an Arab citizen!