Global public Intellectuals Poll

So who won the Prospect/FP Global public intellectuals poll? It's Noam Chomsky, with amazing 4827 votes out of the 20,000 people voted for their top five names from a longlist of 100. Shirin Ebadi - the Iranian human rights and democracy activist, and a lawyer - who was awarded 2003's Nobel Peace Prize, came 12th. While Pope Benedict XVI in 17th position, Ali al-Sistani in … [Read more...]

Arabic Teachers Needs Arabic Teaching

I could not resist but blog this. Background: Nooreldin (my eldest son), is now in Grade II. He goes to a private English school, which obviously teaches everything in English, except Arabic and Islamic are in Arabic of course. Anyway, tonight he was studying for his tomorrow Arabic exam. He came across a word he wrote in his Arabic exercise book, but could not read, so … [Read more...]