The Jordanian Blogsphere got late, early out there

All of a sudden, almost everyone in the Jordanian blogsphere is talking politics. While this is good, it is late. Late for what happened already, but ahead of what might be coming ahead (good and bad – God forbid). Some time back, it was impossible to get a conversation going. Conversation worth the time spending. Why? Because everybody was talking too much. In fact, almost everyone used to say, we are not interested in and political developments, blah blah. Even now, while everyone talks about Zarqawi, how many can we find talks about economics, education, unemployment, internal and external relation, etc…? Hardly few now (if any), hardly were (I know of few), hope many in the future. So, was Amman explosions a wake up call? Or it’s something momentary that will soon disappear?

I really wish that the majority of Jordanian bloggers breaks the image of “spoiled boys” bloggers (Shmesani kids), and turn to reality. I am a believer that “perception is reality”, and the perception is that most (if not all) of the Jordanian bloggers are rich boys and gals who have nothing serious in life to worry about but to show us what they eat, where they spent last night and what brands they buy.

Anyway, a nickel isn’t worth a dime today, so I hope today pulse continues to shed some light on our day-by-day threats.