Should we?

The Palestinian/Israeli walk and talk was more than emotional conversation, was more than difficult and cathartic. Maybe there were few tears that night, but to me, tonight is my third sleepless night because of that talk.

Where are we going?
What are we doing?
And why are we doing that?

Palestinians and Israelis… Jews, Muslims and Christians, friends and brothers (and enemies so far):

So, what is next? Should we continue attacks and counter attacks? Should we continue looking at things with one eye? Should we continue saying you are wrong, I am right? Should we continue calling each other names? Should we continue crying over what we think is unjust for us, overlooking what is unjust for others? Should we continue calling a militant as terrorist, and calling the occupation solider as defender? Should we continue condemning victim for crime s/he did not commit? Should we continue killing innocents for things they are not responsible for? Should we continue hiding our cons and magnify the others? Should we continue…?

Should we continue counting each others victims? Should we continue blaming the super power? Should we continue relying on others help? Should we continue justifying and then dignifying our mistakes? Should we continue denying others right to live? Should we continue criticizing right to left and left to right? Should we continue to pour oil on fire? Should we continue telling our kids, “see, these are your enemies?” Should we continue teaching hate while claiming we don’t? Should we continue to imagine the other side as monster? Should we?

Should we claim that we are tolerant while we know we are not? Should we keep carrying torchlight in one hand and a sword in the other hand? Should we keep labeling each other? Should we express our pain and dehumanize others? Should we keep the invitation open for evil and close the door form mercy? Should we keep putting barriers for coexistence? Should we keep acting antics? Should we stay intolerance and antagonism? Should we maintain a permanent state of mistrust? Should we continue to pretend to care about others while the smell of atrocities filling the place? Do I have the right to call you racist? Do you have the right to call me racist? Do you have the right to judge me? Do I have the right to judge you?

If your answer to any of the above is YES, please stop here, don’t continue, you don’t fit here anymore!

I’m not sure exactly what was the point of all what was said on both side? Me as anti-Semitic, you as criminal. You as Zionist, I as terrorist. Me victim, you butcher. You victim, I’m butcher. And the loop goes on and on! Where are we all? Lost!!!

More walks, more talks. We both are wrong, we both are right. Which road we want to take? Which road you want to take?

Please, save me (and yourself) your defense. Look ahead. Do you want to keep fighting the winds? Do you want to continue killing each other, Muslim, Jews and Christians? Do you want to see more bloodshed? More pain, more massacres? Don’t tell me you are not responsible for that, damn you are part of the society you are crying over. Your words count, even if they are read by one reader. Who knows, he might be a sick reader. So do you want to continue spreading hate? Intentionally or unintentionally, read what you are writing. Ask yourself, why? What is the point? If you decide to keep claiming that you are reflecting your pain, your experience, you are denying the other side pain as well. It’s not them who committed all that, it is you now and me who will be pushing them to continue doing that and more, while we claim we don’t.

We can not agree on everything, that’s normal, but we should not dehumanize each other. Why can’t we say: “Listen, I don’t agree with you, and this is why?” Why do we have to drag the history behind every line we write? Are you justifying the crimes by saying, “see, they are not humans, so why should I be?”

Having said all this, I’m not retrieving anything I said or posted before. Not because I don’t care, but because I think we all did mistakes and we should not feel ashamed of it, but learn from and teach others. Now, don’t try to pinpoint and ask me “what I regret and what I don’t” from what I said before, I’m not going to answer any of these, simply because I decided to look forward, learn, act and teach my kids how to build bridges, not who to destroy them.

If you don’t agree, please don’t care to respond, and keep doing what you think is right. I don’t need your lessons. If you agree, my hands are open, and would be more than happy to work with you.

I’m sure I’ll sleep well tonight!!!

Update: If you wanna comment on the above and you are going to say YES to any of the above, please save your time as well mine and don’t impairs yourself, as I’m going to delete your comment, no matter what justification you have.

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