toot toot!

About the project:

So, what is toot?

We witnessed something amazing and decided to start this site! Across Arabia and all around the world, intelligent, passionate, interesting, funny, knowledgeable and courageous people are using the web to make their voices heard. It started with a few, then a few hundred. Now, thousands of them are taking to their keyboards and starting to write blogs, share their knowledge, pictures, opinions, emotions and life. This is big!

At toot, we want to provide you with a window and a link into an exciting new universe of people-powered opinions, information, dialogue and entertainment. From politics to sneakers. From culture to technology. From boys and girls!

We are bloggers, readers, designers and technologists ourselves. We are excited to build a new medium in which intelligent voices from and for Arabia are brought together and presented to a wider community; where passionate readers and writers can share and communicate without filtering.

Good luck guys/gals. This project is the second most interesting one I saw in a year (first was and still is Global Voices).

The team is dedicated, passionate, professional, inelegant bloggers, readers, designers and technologists. I know personally some of them, and I’m proud to be on their list now and hopefully in the future.

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