Palestinian mosque defaced, again!

Jewish settlers write racial slurs on Qalqilia area MosqueLess than a week ago extremist Jews defaced the Nabi Elias Mosque east of Qalqilia – , with graffiti insulting the Prophet Mohammad and . Early Friday morning, extremists wrote nearly the same words on the mosque for the second time.

A Ma’an News correspondent reported that Palestinian worshippers were surprised in the morning when they saw these slogans written on the walls of the mosque. The worshippers removed the graffiti and confirmed that Israeli soldiers came to the scene and told them that Israeli soldiers and officials will investigate the incident (for the second time).

Qalqilia (Ma’an) – The citizens of Nabi Ilias Village, east of Qalqilia City, were shocked when they arrived for early morning prayers to find racial slurs penned by Israeli on the walls of the village Mosque.

The messages, written in Hebrew, equated the Prophet Mohammad to a pig. No meat-eating Muslim is even allowed to consume the flesh of that animal. Residents were devastated at the latest attack on them as Palestinians and as Muslims.

Mosque neighborhood resident, Othman Zamadi, told Ma’an Sunday that he went to the Mosque as usual for early morning prayers. He opened the gate and saw three Jewish settlers in a white car. Fearing they would physically assault him, Zamadi entered the Mosque.

Through a window Zamadi watched the settlers from what he considered a safe vantage point. One amongst them stepped out of the car, began writing on the walls of the Mosque, and then quickly fled the scene.

So, what’s new in the infamous cartoons? You are mistaken if you think that the cartoons were the first time Islam and Prophet Mohammed were insulted. So, what the fuss is all about?