Who is searching for sex?

Here is another toy from Google. It is still sitting at Googles Labs, and they call it Google Trends. Fark recently featured the discovery under “obvious” tag, so I went to check it out, and guess what, I came out… blushing :-D

Here is why. Go here and search for the word “sex” (don’t worry, it won’t bite), who do you see ranking #1? That’s right; Cairo.

Who is searching for sex?

Of course on the top right of the result page(not shown here), you can select from the drop down menu a year, the results will change, but if you keep it “All Years”, walah… Cairo is #1 city.

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Now, digging a little more, click on the regions tab, what comes out? #2 and in #7. What a feeling (sh**).

Who is searching for sex?

Last but not least, click the language tab, and here comes the bad good news; Arabic #1. Yahhhhhhh… We won!!!! Arabic number ONE! Am I proud or what :-(

Who is searching for sex?

What the hell. What do they search in Arabic language?

Honestly, I feel shy when I see this is what our two biggest Arab countries youth and users are “searching” for. But then, do I blame them? I guess not!!! Weird, I know…

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