World Cup Eve: Israel Score 7

Yes, seven (and still counting)! The seven goals include three and two women. More than 40 injuries are in hospital, some are critical.

New crimes by the Terrorist State of and its gang called Terrorist Forces.

While the world is busy and focusing his screens on Germany to watch the World Cup 2006, Israeli state terrorist decided to play their own game, the game which they are best in, terrorizing innocent and killing child.

What you are going to see in the following videos are recorded minutes after the four air strikes which targeted families enjoying their weekend (or that’s how it was suppose to be) on ’s beaches.

The is heart breaking, full of scenes which you will NEVER, I repeat, you will NEVER see in your media, and I promise you, you will NEVER forget.

While watching all this and more on TV and Aljazeera, I, my wife and all my kids, all started crying. We could not stand the scene of the wounded and dead kids, women and elders, and especially the girl you see in this video, running on beach after she lost her mind when she saw the dead body of her father laying on beach.

We are mourning here, and no words will ever make me or any of my family members forget what we saw today. This is beyond any limit that any human beings can stand.

I pray for the safety of the Palestinian families in Gaza as much I pray for all of the Palestinians’ safety and liberation from the dragon’s mouth..

Fellow Americans; take the video and go show it to your president, then come back and start instructing us what we, Palestinians should do, while whipping the ass of the Israelis.

Israelis; don’t come crying here next time a suicide bomber blow your ass. You are giving all the reasons for any insane human being to condemn you and fight your inhumanity.