Bahraini Youth Protest

Yesterday, Bahraini families toke their children to protest the terrorist war on Lebanon and the coward massacre by the Israeli terrorist army in Qana. The Bahraini children made their voice heard and did most of the talking during the protest. God bless you, kids of Bahrain. You are braver than most of our official who didn't even dare to condemn the Israeli massacre in … [Read more...]

SOME Israelis are disgusted with the conduct of war

Yes, never lose the hope... there are humans -like you and me- in Israel, and they bleed like us. Unlike the few pro-Israeli-terrorist samples from Israel that we saw here in the past few days, when I read something like the following words, I see some light on the horizon! (Hat tip: Andy) Days of darkness By Gideon Levy In war as in war: Israel is sinking into a … [Read more...]

Would You Dream of Returning to Your Country, Your Homes?

I'm quoting the following from an article By M. Shahid Alam, titled: America, Imagine This! What brought this to my mind was the creative imagination of Roy from Haifa, so I'm inviting everyone to play the game of imagination, but this time with this piece: Let America now imagine this. Imagine waking up tomorrow in an upside-down world, one in which the history of … [Read more...]