Bahraini Youth Protest

Yesterday, Bahraini families toke their children to protest the terrorist war on Lebanon and the coward massacre by the Israeli terrorist army in Qana. The Bahraini children made their voice heard and did most of the talking during the protest. God bless you, kids of Bahrain. You are braver than most of … [Read more...]

SOME Israelis are disgusted with the conduct of war

Yes, never lose the hope... there are humans -like you and me- in Israel, and they bleed like us. Unlike the few pro-Israeli-terrorist samples from Israel that we saw here in the past few days, when I read something like the following words, I see some light on the horizon! (Hat tip: Andy) Days of … [Read more...]

el-Sayed Hasan Nasrallah Speech – July 29, 2006

Here is the speech (Arabic): powered by ODEO Podcast: Hizbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Saturday U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice aimed to impose conditions on Lebanon and to serve Israeli interests during her diplomatic mission to the region. "Rice is returning to the region … [Read more...]

Did you know?

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Did you know that 87 percent of Lebanese support Hizbullah's fight with Israel, a rise of 29 percent on a similar poll conducted in February. More striking, however, is the level of support for Hizbullah's resistance from non-Shiite communities. Eighty percent of Christians polled supported Hizbullah along … [Read more...]

Home, Family and hope, all lost!

If you see only one thing today, watch this clip from BBC Reporter at Tyre, Lebanon. Thousands of Lebanese are still trying to leave the south of the country as Israel continues its campaign against Lebanese civilians. … [Read more...]

Lebanon Palestine Emergency Fund

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, calls on all people of conscience to donate to its Lebanon Palestine Emergency Relief Fund. All donations will be used to help Palestinian and Lebanese victims of the latest Israeli aggression. Please make your tax-deductible donation payable to "Al-Awda, … [Read more...]

Letter: We MUST stop the killing!

Prof. David B. Fankhauser, has just returned from a study tour of the Palestine/Israel struggle. "The atrocious injustice being perpetrated on the Palestinians needs to be brought to the attention of the world. Do we not all have consciences??? Here are my pages of images I took, with some commentary (not … [Read more...]

Nasrallah vows to fire rockets beyond Haifa

Podcast: “I would like to declare that, after this escalation, we have gone beyond the Haifa phase,'' Nasrallah said in a TV address broadcast on Al-Manar television channel, vowing to move “to the phase of beyond ‘beyond Haifa', if need be.'' Here is the full speech (Arabic): powered by ODEO … [Read more...]

New Massacre in Gaza

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Palestinian medics prepare for burial the bodies of Shahd Okal, 8 months, right, and her sister Maria, 5, at the morgue of Kamal Edwan hospital in Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza Strip, Wednesday, July 26, 2006. Shahd and Maria where killed when an Israeli artillery shell landed on their house Wednesday, … [Read more...]

Blood Borders

Alright, so U.S. doesn’t want the war to stop. These guys have nothing to lose; it’s only Arab and Israeli who will pay the price for the American Empire. Well, maybe more that Arab and Israeli. Nothing new here, but in fact today news reminded me of "Blood borders - How a better Middle East would look," … [Read more...]

Viva Lebanon and Palestine

???? ?? ????? ??????? ?? ??????? ????????? We are with Lebanon and Palestine against Israel and occupiers Nous sommes avec tous le Liban et la Palestine contre l’Israel et les occupants Wir sind zusammen mit dem Libanon und Palästina gegen Israel und Besatzer Somos todos con Líbano y Palestina … [Read more...]

I accuse you !

“I, Tsilli Goldenberg, Israeli citizen Accuse you - Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister of Israel, Amir Peretz, Minister of Defense, Dan Halutz Head of Staff Chief Commander of the Israeli Army, of committing this bestial barbaric slaughter in Lebanon. I accuse you of committing Crimes against Humanity towards … [Read more...]

Eve of Destruction

Hey your blog is extremely powerful and helpful! If course beyond sad! I used the pictures you had on there for a video pod of a song I rewrote and played yesterday! I hope to create a dialogue through music. as for the mid east, so many Americans are being mislead through years of propaganda. As, an … [Read more...]

Die with Love, version 2.0!


We all condemn the parents of the kids signing the Israeli bombs "with love" falling on Lebanese civilians and innocents, but we didn't see the parents while doing the same. Worse, here are matured Jewish men signing bombs, again: Photos caption: Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men dance … [Read more...]

On BBC Arabic

In less than an hour, I’ll be on BBC Arabic talking about “Lebanon Issue.” My part will be focused on Arab bloggers and their role in what is going on. Stay tuned! ????? ???? ?? ?????? "???? ????" ??? ????? ???? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??? ?? ???? ?? ????? ??????? ??????? ??? ??? ???????? ????? ?? … [Read more...]

Black and While

So, it’s been almost a week since I published the photos that pissed off many, shamed other, blessed little and stormed others. More than 4 million hits in 5 days came to this page. Some visitors left comments, other trackback/pingback, etc… Most important is that I left that post open to all good guys as … [Read more...]

Photo of the day: Somoud!

Somoud: firmness, endurance, resistance! ????? ????? ?????? Here comes the answer: After the Israeli kids signed signing their occupation army gifts bombs with, "die with love"; Arab children decided to reply and say: "We are standing with our resistance in firmness and … [Read more...]

The Polls

I am so excited to see CNN poll results now. You know, when I first wrote this article, and I voted 'No', there was 77% saying 'Yes', now, this is looking better, but killing innocents at both sides continues, and poll still open!!! … [Read more...]