Listen, World!

The sisters, mothers, wives and daughters of are all saying:

What can go worse than what we went through? NOTHING!

They want to shoot us? They already did…
They will occupy the land? It is already occupied…
They will cut our food and water supply? We are already starving and dehydrated…

They kidnapped my son, my daughter, my father, my mother, my brother, my sister, my husband. They killed the infant between us, so what more?

What can they do more? No matter what they can do and what they will do, don’t release the Captured “Hands full with Palestinian Blood”, Israeli terrorist solider. Because, with him or without him, it is all the same, and because we have nothing more to lose.

: “Your son is not more important that ours!”

World: “This Israeli terrorist solider is only one we captured, yet thousands and thousands of Palestinian women, and men are captured by Israel. Why is it that this one is more important than our thousands? One solider or one kid? A million solider or ONE kid?”