The ‘Wall of Hate’ team to produce a film on Lebanon

This movie is about the wall of hate that “Israel” created to isolate the real people off their land; the Palestinian people…

You can find more about the from The Wall of Hate web site, here…

Now, Chromovision is planning the production of a new documentary film to highlight the atrocities that have been and are still being committed in . The film will bring to light the enormous devastation being inflicted on Lebanon, its infrastructure, economy and spirit as well as the tremendous suffering the innocent Lebanese– specially children are enduring. The film will tackle the issue strictly from a humanitarian standpoint and will go beyond the current chronology of events to analyze its long term effects; It will take Lebanon another generation to go back to where it was 12 days ago- not to mention, of course, the devastating effect on tourism, culture and way of life.

The intended audience will be mainly in the USA and the West and they intend to push the film in the same manner they pushed the Wall of Hate Film (above clip can be downloaded from:, which was and still is being broadcast on numerous TV stations in U.S. as well as streaming it on the Internet.

The film on Lebanon will present facts and will be objective without any unnecessary propaganda. This is the best way to educate people worldwide.

Chromovision needs your support and I hope they can get it because the need to do such a film is dire and urgent.

Please contact:
Issa Eways
President and CEO
[email protected]