Die with Love, version 2.0!

We all condemn the parents of the kids signing the Israeli bombs “with love” falling on Lebanese civilians and innocents, but we didn’t see the parents while doing the same.

Worse, here are matured Jewish men signing bombs, again:







Photos caption: Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men dance with Israeli soldiers in front of a mobile artillery unit positioned in the northern village of Fassuta, near the Lebanese border, July 24, 2006. REUTERS

Dear Arab/Muslims/Christians/Lebanese/Palestinians…

Die with Love. We are dancing on your dead bodies!


Received the death gift.


Now, convince us that these Jewish radicals are not less terrorist than ‘Bin Laden.’

I didn’t want to say this, and I don’t think it should be believed so, but, if Islam is tagged with all the names one can think of, how can you convince the people who sees this now that Judaism is not less violent than other religion(s)? If at all there is a violent religion!

Also, how can you convince Arab and Muslims in particular all around the world that this is not a ‘holy ’ for ? And if it is so, why can’t it be ‘holy war’ for the other side? And why Jewish war is ‘holy’, but others war is ‘’?

And, what is the message they are writing here? I don’t think they are dancing because it’s end of war, but because they are warmongers, blood suckers who are sending their signed bombs to civilians to “Die with Love.”

This is a documented, signed ‘with love’, terrorism, by the Israel terrorist war-machine!