Lebanon Palestine Emergency Fund

Al-Awda, The Right to Return Coalition, calls on all people of conscience to donate to its Emergency Relief Fund. All donations will be used to help Palestinian and Lebanese victims of the latest Israeli aggression.

Please make your tax-deductible donation payable to “Al-Awda, PRRC”. Indicate “Lebanon Palestine Emergency Fund” in the memo section.

Checks or money orders should be mailed to:

Al-Awda, PRRC
PO Box 131352
Carlsbad, CA 92013, USA

To make a secure online donation using your credit card, go to http://www.al-awda.org/donate.html and follow the instructions. Please email us at info@al-awda.org to let us know that your online donation is intended for the ‘Lebanon Palestine Emergency Fund’.

Donate to Gaza:

Free Palestine
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(Collected Commission Donated to Palestinian Children Charities)

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
PO Box 131352
Carlsbad, CA 92013, USA
Tel: 760-685-3243
Fax: 360-933-3568
E-mail: info@al-awda.org
WWW: http://al-awda.org

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition (PRRC), is a not for profit tax-exempt educational and charitable 501(c)(3) organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States of America. Under IRS guidelines, your donations http://www.al-awda.org/donate.html to PRRC are tax-deductible.

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