10% of Israeli tanks destroyed or disabled by Hizbollah

Maybe the Zionists will sue for also damaging their international arms market?!

Update: As expected, Israel don’t want Israelis to see this video, so they forced YouTube to remove it. But don’t worry, there are plenty of these clips. Check links below.

Captured Israeli Army tank in South Rockets:

Merkava taking hits (from Israel TV):

Israeli Merkava near Bint Jbeil:

Hezbollah vs the Merkava Tank!!!

Merkava 4:

You want more? Here is Israel:

The Merkava tank is one of the few weapons that Israel manufactures itself and doesn’t receive as a gift from the US taxpayers. The pride and joy of the Israel Arms Industry, the Israelis, no doubt, hoped to sell it on the international market and Lebanon gave them an opportunity to showcase it. Now, one can expect to find them on Ebay along with a used prime minister, a used defense minister and a used chief of staff. [Hat tip: ASK]

Tanks take stock
One-tenth of the Israeli tanks that took part in the Lebanon were destroyed or disabled, a military study found.

According to Armored Corps data published Thursday, Hezbollah anti-armor missiles penetrated 20 Israeli tanks during the monthlong war, killing 17 crewmen. Another 13 crewmen were killed when land mines destroyed or disabled their tanks. The number of tank crewmen wounded was in the double digits.

The high toll of the war on Israel�s Armored Corps was a shock to top military brass, especially given the fact that Hezbollah has no tanks.

Some experts said the tanks dispatched to Lebanon were older, less protected versions of the locally made Merkava. Two Israeli arms firms now have speeded up work on a tank anti-missile system.

Source: JTA