What a stand, Mr. President!

I was surprised to see these photos floating around news desktops. Well, I was not surprised really because this is the PRESIDENT!!!

President Bush Standing on USA Flag

How stupid it is to have the U.S. National on a DOORMATE is one thing, and how stupid it is to forget that this President is stupid enough to step on his .

Maybe it is a conspiracy and the organizer of the event was Al Qaeda member?! Or Hamas? No, these guys are weak. Ahhhhhhhhha, must be a Hezbollah member?!

The photos are not photoshoped (although I’m 99.9 percent sure that, that is what is going to be claimed); they are taken from Reuters sideshow (sorry, could not figure out how to grab the link to javascript slides) and Yahoo.

President Bush Standing on USA Flag

As you can see, Dubbya is standing with Mrs. America on the doormat with an image of the U.S. Flag (learn more about the flag) to honor those who died on 9/11. It just shows that the guys around Bush responsible to takecare of the Presidential events are not less “smart” than their boss!

I just can’t understand how did Americans elect this man. He is either blind or stupid, or both!!!