Christian Zionism: The Doomsday Code

You ask: Why do they hate us? What did God tell them? What are the after? Who are they? What they believe in? Is their hands full of blood (our blood)? Are they the terrorist of our time? Are they the most savage extreme of our time? Who is behind them? If God of didn’t allow killing humans, then how come these so called support with all means, the killing Arabs and Muslims in the Holy Land of ? And since their hands is full of innocent’s blood, can they be the messengers of God? If these are not racist and warmongers, then what are they? If Arab Palestinians, Muslims and Christians are called extremist and terrorists for defending their existence, then what are the Christian Zionists?

When you hear one saying that God told them: “with me, you will be majority and all the rest will be minority,” are we the racist? Then what do you call those who still believe that they are the chosen one by God? Them and only them!!

They are asking Muslims to be tolerant, for what? For destroying Muslims Holy Places – Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock – so that they can build their TEMPLE. Tolerant? You want to destroy my Holy Places and ask me to be tolerant, otherwise you call me terrorist? This is how they believe they will bring peace to the world. But what type of peace? A peace were there is only one God to warship, one to follow, and one holy place.

All these and more are answered (in part or full) in this documentary . [Hat tip: Robin]