Tactical Nuclear Weapon Detonated In Iraq?

I’ve missed a lot news during Ramadan (trying to catch all the special-new TV series), so today, I managed to go through some, where I came across this interesting story, yet not covered by the mainstream media, and you’ll know why shortly.

First, the story at Digg says that Aljazeera claims that a tactical nuke exploded at Camp Falcon in Iraq. Followed the link they have there, but there was no video (some comments below the Digg story claims that it was removed by Google). Went searching until I found it here.

So far so good? Not really… Claiming that I’m an Arab and can understand Arabic, the quoted live report at Aljazeera never mentioned a word about any nuke explosions, although the anchor express clearly that he is amazed by the type and size of the explosions he is watching.

Researching more in the mainstream media about the event, didn’t find anything about the causalities or the explosions. That made me wonder, why? So I went searching the alternative media, and here come the surprises.

Now, before going any further, lets watch the video, (At precisely three minutes, fifty-six seconds (3:56) into the video clip, the “tactical nuclear explosion” appears to happen. It can’t be missed)

Is there a mistaking what it was? Maybe!

By the way, in this video, the guest speaking live from reported that shrapnel and splinter were falling at his site which is more than twenty kilometers away from the explosions.

The site is an ammunition dump of the US military in Baghdad. The base is know as Camp Falcon and is supposed to be populated by 6,000 American troops, yet, official reports said NO ONE was killed or injured!!!

So, what is happening here? The explosions was caused by a mortar attack (from Iraqi resistance, which occupation army calls ‘insurgents’), a US spokesman said. The official story is that no one got killed, and alternative media is listing the names of over 300 American causalities. Other unconfirmed reports say that 9 transport planes ferried American dead bodies from Baghdad. Al-Quds Press report that US occupation forces accused Iraqi translators of leaking information on the location of arms and ammunition depots in the base to the resistance, although JUS said that 11 Iraq translators working for the US occupation troops had been killed in the explosion.

Not only has the U.S. military machine lost much of its armor and transport, and its entire reserves of ammunition and special fuel, but some Iraqi officials expect that the losses sustained by the US military as a result of the destruction of the Falcon Arsenal that would total more than a billion US dollars.

Here is another video taken by member of the US occupation forces. Make a note of the explosion in the first minute of the video (precisely at 00:50):

Of course the two videos are taken from different locations at different timing, so there is no way to link the explosions timing and which is what, but the soldiers describe just how powerful a shockwave they felt and they are concerned about fallout as well. Chemical or nuclear?

Hey, did we find the WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) in Iraq or what? Oh… it’s only American!

There have been some questions about whether the more spectacular explosions and their accompanying lights, mushroom clouds, and shock waves, could have been from “Tactical Nuclear Weapons” or something else. This is mere speculation. But the possibilities that some of these explosions are Tactical Nuclear Weapons are not impossible, especially if we search a little more to learn what Tactical Nuclear Weapons are.

According to the Arms Control Center (PDF file), a “Tactical Nuclear Weapon” differs from a “Strategic Nuclear Weapon” as follows:

“Strategic Nuclear Weapons” are the largest warheads, over 1 Megaton (1 million tons of TNT) in yield, with the highest yield blasts, designed to destroy entire cities or hardened military targets.

“Tactical Nuclear Weapons” are smaller warheads, with low yields from 0.1 to Kiloton (100 Tons of TNT) to 1 Megaton (1 million tons of TNT) designed to be used ON A BATTLEFIELD in a specific theater of operations. Hence, Tactical Nuclear Weapons create a much smaller blast, much lower blast area and far smaller blast wave (wind).

The Arms Control Center also says Tactical Nuclear Weapons can be as small as an artillery shell.

Back to the video, the brilliant white flash can be a key to making this identification. As seen in the video, the flash was far more spectacular (by a factor of 100? you decide!) and lasted far longer than any and all other explosions at the ammo dump. Does this fits what one would expect to see with a 0.1 Kiloton tactical nuclear detonation?

Of course I personally can’t confirm or deny. And while there is no official word about what happened that night, no one so far can confirm or deny anything. I’m just looking at the story from all directions.

So what’s the deal?… If hundreds of Americans got killed at largest arsenal military base in Iraq (a.k.a. Forward Base Falcon), it’s going to be BIG NEWS for the congressional election in few days….and I don’t see how they are going to be able to hide it for long.

If you have any doubt at all of the corrupt nature of Bush administration, this is another proof. An attack THIS BIG with damages THIS HUGE is being CENSORED FROM YOUR KNOWLEDGE BECAUSE OF THE UPCOMING ELECTION!

Hey America! Your government is doing all this and more on your behalf. Here is a bit more:

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– Every minute that passes, more innocent world citizens are being subjected to this horrifying violence by American citizens (very graphical, watch at your own risk)