Visit Palestine!

I can't afford to pay millions to promote Western people to visit Palestine like Israel did with Arsenal to promote Israel as the oasis of the East. I don't think that the whole Palestinian nation can afford a fraction of that figure. However, if you still can't see Palestine through my eyes and hundreds of … [Read more...]

Kick Arsenal Ball, OUT!

Sokari has the latest development about the English football club, Arsenal, deal with Israel. After the Israeli tourism ministry delayed the start of its advertising campaign with Arsenal for fear of receiving negative reactions due to the recent war on Lebanese, the 515,000 euros deal was announced. … [Read more...]

Did you know?

Did you know that Israel didn't allow Palestinian football team to travel to Asian Cup match? Ironically, even though this Reuters' story was distributed through the wires on Nov. 11th, four days later, FOX Sports was taken by surprise that the Palestinian team was a "no-show." Did you know that Israeli … [Read more...]

IRAQ-The hidden story (The Truth)18+

Iraq- what media shows about it is not the truth but what media wants people to see. How media is covering in western countries, western people can never see the whole truth. They show what they want people to see only. (SOME HORRIFIC SCENES HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ADULTS ONLY) Yesterday was one of the … [Read more...]

Traveling in or out of the holy/honey land is no fun!

Who said that traveling around is fun? Think again! So, you told me that you a living in the land of honey, freedom and democracy? Well, I don't envy you if this is what your country endorse: Starting with the light story; six Muslim academics (Imams) were taken off a plane in the US and evidently … [Read more...]

A Palestinian Refugee Request for a Lawyer(s)

*****Please Forward Widely!******** Request for a Lawyer (a) This is a solicitation for legal assistance, to help me present a case, or cases, against the State of Israel and private individuals and organizations, for damages, because of human rights abuses and many other crimes perpetrated against … [Read more...]

Palestinians blocked Israeli air raid? No way!

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An Israeli military spokesman confirmed that the raid had been called off because of the protest. "The attack plan was canceled because of the people there. We differentiate between innocent people and terrorists," he said. [Aljazeera] No they did not! The Palestinians could not be the reason or the … [Read more...]

‘Hello’, this is your NIGHTMARE wake up call!

Yesterday, and as a result of Beit Hanoun massacre, some Palestinian militia retaliated by firing few home made rockets at Sderot and killed one Israeli women (first in more than 16 months). As 'retaliation to the retaliation', tonight Israeli Apache helicopters and F16 jet fighters launched air strikes at … [Read more...]

How to say ‘NO’ to peace?

(Ben Heine © Cartoons) So, who can volunteer to tell the Israeli nation that their "top ranked elected terrorist" (a.k.a. Olmert) don't want peace with Palestinians? The humble man announced that he remained attached to the internationally-backed "roadmap to peace" based on Bush's vision of a Palestinian … [Read more...]

US Officers planned the Beit Hanoun Massacre

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WARNING: The article contains very disturbing pictures... Pictures that are not of the type you will see on TV or your local newspaper, trust me. In fact, Israel will pay anything for such pictures not to be published. If you have weak heart, STOP HERE! US Officers planned the Beit Hanoun Massacre by … [Read more...]

Israel and Terrorism

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If you support Israel, then you support terrorism, 100% no doubt ! This clip is only the tip of the iceberg (Source: Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF)). People think Palestine is angry Muslims so they give a blind eye and leave Israel doing its crimes against humanity. What a pathetic … [Read more...]

Beit Hanoun: Massacre or Technical Error?

Israel killed 19 civilians, including 7 children. And like in Qana, Lebanon, in August, where 28 civilians died, and after it killed 4 unarmed UN observers, it is claiming a "technical mistake". For a high tech army, it sure makes a lot of them. Olmert apologizes. Watch his emotional and sincere apology. [Hat … [Read more...]

U.S. Veto to Support Israeli Crimes

Once again, United States support state terrorism and allow Israel to continue its crimes. A little while ago, U.S. vetoed a U.N. draft Security Council resolution condemning Israel's shelling of the Gaza town of Beit Hanoun. It is not a surprise for a Palestinian like me, however, my question is for … [Read more...]

Beit Hanoun Massacre Update

The Screams of Gaza Echo in a Silent World: Naseem has a roundup of Palestinian and Pro-Palestine bloggers reaction to Beit Hanoun massacre. More comprehensive coverage can be found at Palestine Blogs - The Gazette. Photos of the massacre can be found here. … [Read more...]

Beit Hanoun Massacre: Israel Kills Sleeping Families

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How many innocent Palestinian children have to be killed before the world wakes up? 10, 100, 1 million? We have seen the world do nothing over and over again, no matter what the Israeli terrorists are doing to innocent people in Palestine and Lebanon. This just proves that "animal's world" has more … [Read more...]

Autumn Clouds lead to Gaza Tsunami

Update From Beit Hanoun: ( According to an updated Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) report quoting medical officials in northern Gaza, over 20 civilians have been killed in the Beit Hanoun area from an Israeli Terrorist Army shell attack, including children and elderly residents. This morning only, … [Read more...]

Internet Enemies and Corruption Index 2006

Yesterday, Transparency International published the annual report, where it showed that most Arab states are among worst ranked (UAE - 31, Qatar - 32, Bahrain - 36, Oman - 39, Jordan - 40, Kuwait - 46, Tunisia - 51, Lebanon - 63, Saudi - 70, Egypt - 70, Morocco - 79, Algeria - 84, Mauritania - 84, Syria - 93, … [Read more...]