Visit Palestine!

I can't afford to pay millions to promote Western people to visit Palestine like Israel did with Arsenal to promote Israel as the oasis of the East. I don't think that the whole Palestinian nation can afford a fraction of that figure. However, if you still can't see Palestine through my eyes and hundreds of other Palestinian and pro-Palestine bloggers (a lot of registered … [Read more...]

Kick Arsenal Ball, OUT!

Sokari has the latest development about the English football club, Arsenal, deal with Israel. After the Israeli tourism ministry delayed the start of its advertising campaign with Arsenal for fear of receiving negative reactions due to the recent war on Lebanese, the 515,000 euros deal was announced. Arsenal's managing director Keith Edelman said Israel would be the club's … [Read more...]

Did you know?

Did you know that Israel didn't allow Palestinian football team to travel to Asian Cup match? Ironically, even though this Reuters' story was distributed through the wires on Nov. 11th, four days later, FOX Sports was taken by surprise that the Palestinian team was a "no-show." Did you know that Israeli soldiers stole money from Beit Hanoun households? The total value of … [Read more...]