Opera Idomeneo, Mohammed and Bikini

Although from different continent, the following two examples show just how ignorant and stupid some people can be about their knowledge of .

The first one comes right from one of the capitals of Islam, Cairo. This first story shows how stupid can some Muslims be:


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Since when there is something called Islamic ? And since when Muslim women can swim in a public place? And what does the Islamic Brotherhood has to do with the swimming pool? It just shows how empty and ruthless these people are with their ignorant followers.

Why do they care if a woman wishes to swim in public? If a woman swim in public, she is already sinful according to Islamic rules, so why does it matter if she is wearing a normal bikini, an “Islamic bikini”, or not wearing anything? If they think it is haram looking at naked woman, then why do they care looking at all? How can it be better if the woman wears an “Islamic bikini”? And why should they go to swimming pools if they can’t dare look at naked ladies in first place?

It is just an example of how some stupid people use to deliver wrong signals about Islam for their own benefits, which is elections here. Yeah… for elections, everything is haram, and they are the only right people. Ask them about Ramadan Iftar invitations and how many poor people were invited by these saviors to these rich tables.

The second story comes from one of the capitals of “modern world”. [Source]

On September 26, 2006, Berlin’s Deutsche announced the cancellation of four performances of the planned for November 2006, citing concerns that the production’s depictions of a severed head of the Islamic prophet Muhammad raised an “incalculable security risk.” “To avoid endangering its audience and employees, the management has decided against repeating ‘Idomeneo’ in November 2006,” the house said in a press release.

opera_Idomeneo_muhammedThe Idomeneo production, directed by Hans Neuenfels, shows King Idomeneo staggering on stage carrying the decapitated heads of Neptune, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed; a departure from the libretto and score. According to the BBC, the German press agency DPA said Berlin police have so far recorded no direct threat to the opera house. However, the New York Times reported that there was an anonymous threat in August against the theatre.

The cancellation sparked a great deal of debate in Europe on the issue of self censorship and the nature of free speech. On September 27, 2006, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel stated: “I think the cancellation was a mistake. I think self-censorship does not help us against people who want to practice violence in the name of Islam … It makes no sense to retreat.” Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble after a government-sponsored conference with Muslim representatives held independently of the incident told reporters that “to send a signal, we could all go to the performance together,” and the Muslim representatives agreed that the performance should not be cancelled. Muslim reaction in Berlin to the opera was more muted than fiery. Several Muslims said the scene involving Muhammad may offend Muslims, but that artistic freedom should be respected in a democracy.

It is worthwhile to note that the severed heads are a recent ‘addition’ by director Neuenfels to the original, 225-year-old opera, which was last performed by the company in March 2004.

Finally today, Berlin opera house has sets new dates for Mozart work. It said in a statement on Wednesday that performances had been scheduled for December 18 and 29.

Now, what logic is there in respecting those who do not respect us? What dignity is there in defending their culture or supposed culture when they show contempt for ours? I want to defend my culture, not theirs, and inform you that I like Omar Khayyam much more than Shakespeare and Goethe and Walt Whitman and Leopardi and Mozart.

This shows how “freedom of speech” can be turned into a tool against the “respect of religions and freedom of worship”, which is another human right. Anything, and everything is used to trigger violence from some radical ignorant call themselves, Muslims. Why can’t the west respect others? And why should I respect him if his choose to depict me under the label of “freedom of speech.”

Although no Muslim complained, they stopped it, calling it “self-censorship”, in hope that if it was not noticed before, “let’s show that we hate Muslims in ARTISTIC way.” Not that other religions are not insulted by this same act, but it is not our problem, as Muslims, to care if Christians and Buddhist don’t like to defend their religion and Goddess!