December 2: International ‘End the Gaza Siege’ Day

Campaign to end the siege of [Hat tip: Editerette]

So far, the campaign project is reporting that 38 cities where actions are being planned on or about December 2 , when the big demonstration will take place in :

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Armidale, Northern NSW, Australia
Barcelona, Spain
Berkeley, CA, US
Bergamo, Italy
Boston, MA, US
Cambridge, MA, US
Canberra, Australia
Cape Town, South Africa
Chicago, IL, US
Cologne, Germany
Como, Italy
Des Moines, Iowa, US
Dunedin, New Zealand
Everett, WA, US
Keswick, UK
Leuven, Belgium
Marseille, France
Milano, Italy
Montreal, Canada
Muenster, Germany
New York, NY, US
Oakland, CA, US
Oslo, Norway
Padua, Italy
Parksville/Qualicum, BC, Canada
Philadelphia, PA, US
Ravenna, Italy
Rome, Italy
San Francisco, CA, US
San Luis Obispo, CA, US
Schio, Italy
Strasbourg, France
Toronto, Canada
Udine, Italy
Verona, Italy
Vienna, Austria
Washington, DC, US

If any city is missed – write to Gila Svirsky and/or Debby Lerman and send them a brief description for posting on their website.

Plan your own actions:

For ideas about how to raise awareness and information about activities in other cities, check either of these websites:

These websites also hold a fact sheet, sample letters to decision-makers, and contact information for Israeli political leaders.

Use the poster:

gaza_siegePosters in three languages (English, Arabic, and Hebrew) were contributed to the campaign by David Tartakover, Israel’s foremost political graphic designer. Feel free to print it out, duplicate, and hang in appropriate spaces.

One last note: Not a single Arab city is participating in the campaign. Weird? Not at all. Arab street demonstrated for ages and nothing changed. IMHO, its better if they don’t because if a single guy conduct any stupid thing, next hour, all mainstream media will be reporting his incident and ignore all others around the world and the reason behind these demonstration.