Torture in Egypt!


This video contains graphic images and audio of and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

An unlawful practice in which numerous people have been illegally detained, tortured and enforced disappearance. Some regimes are endorsing torture of the most vile nature in what they call as “war on terror”.

This video provides some evidence of this type of torture, but not necessary related to “war on terror” slogans. It is not enough to criticize U.S. only as the source of evil, some of Middle East regimes are responsible for the actions that is even worse.

We are complicit in the torture if we don’t uncover this and talk about it. Let the world see who are the U.S. best allies. Distance from the tools used to inflict pain in no way reduces our part in these disgusting acts of barbarity if we don’t show the world, where we live!

The dialogue is Egyptian-accented. A rough version of what’s being said seems to be that the torturer is mockingly asking if the victim likes it, and the victim is saying please forgive me pasha [an honorific, like “sir”] , I won’t do it again, Allah be with you. The torturer is then threatening the victim “do you like it son of the bitch? Enjoy… imagine when your people see all this…”