Democratic Defectors and the Israel Lobby

"Curiously, all of the traitor democrats were huge career recipients of funds from the Israeli lobby. If we took ten Democratic apostates and compared them to ten Democrats who stood by the voters, pro-Israeli PAC contributions were "ten times" greater for the turncoats than those who stayed with their constituencies ($322,000 versus $34,000 on average)." - Jerry … [Read more...]

USA to Increase Selling DEATH!

Finally, Olmert confirmed what I have mentioned over a months ago about the increase of military AID to racist Israel. But the smell of death does not stop there. US also announced that it will increase military SALES to some Arab regimes. One ironic part in both the stories... It's an AID to Israel, but SALES to Arab regimes. Another part is that the arms sold to Arab are … [Read more...]