Democratic Defectors and the Israel Lobby

"Curiously, all of the traitor democrats were huge career recipients of funds from the Israeli lobby. If we took ten Democratic apostates and compared them to ten Democrats who stood by the voters, pro-Israeli PAC contributions were "ten times" greater for the turncoats than those who stayed with their … [Read more...]

USA to Increase Selling DEATH!

Finally, Olmert confirmed what I have mentioned over a months ago about the increase of military AID to racist Israel. But the smell of death does not stop there. US also announced that it will increase military SALES to some Arab regimes. One ironic part in both the stories... It's an AID to Israel, but … [Read more...]

SOS: Palestine’s Private Sector

by Sam Bahour and Iyad Joudeh July 30, 2007 The Gaza Strip and West Bank, including East Jerusalem, are Israeli occupied lands that have brought despair to all involved. The most recent chapter in this historic saga was the overrunning of Gaza by Hamas militants. As the world contemplates how to deal … [Read more...]

Violinist Nigel Kennedy in Israel on the wall

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Punk rebel with a classical cause Via: Haaretz "...And today, I was really shocked when I saw the wall here. It's a new type of apartheid, barbaric behavior. How can you impose collective punishment and divide people from one another? We are all residents of the same planet. I would think that the world … [Read more...]

Vote for an Israeli Academic Boycott

Via: The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs ACTION ALERT July 25, 2007 Contact: (202) 939-6050 Academic Boycott - Yes or No? Boycotts, divestments and sanctions are nonviolent methods of protest. Nevertheless, the recent proposal adopted by the UK’s University and Colleges Union congress … [Read more...]

Vote for an Academic Boycott of Israel

The British Medical Journal has featured two opinions on the subject, one for and one against, and is allowing its readers online, either academics or members of the public, to vote. Go to this page. Scroll down a bit and you can find the icon to click on to participate in the vote. Once you open the page, … [Read more...]

Deceptions in six-day-war

Former UN observer, Jan Muhren, describing how he witnessed Israel provoking its Arab neighbors in the run-up to the six-day-war: The Six-Day War Deceptions (part 1) The Six-Day War Deceptions (part 2) (Also can be found at Google Video) … [Read more...]

A Zionist Politician Looses Faith In The Future

From the New Yorker's David Remnick: The Apostate Excerpts: Short of being Prime Minister, Burg could not be higher in the Zionist establishment. His father was a Cabinet minister for nearly four decades, serving under Prime Ministers from David Ben-Gurion to Shimon Peres. In addition to a decade-long … [Read more...]

The Invincible Fatah al-Islam in Nahr al-Bared

Almost two months, and the crisis of Nahr el-Bared camp continues, despite the fact that few weeks ago, the Lebanese Defense Minster announced 'victory', yet no one knows what and how many terrorists of Fateh al Islam is still alive and fighting back except the Lebanese army. But what we know for sure is that … [Read more...]

Podcast: Till the Last Drop

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Between June 12th and 19th 2007, in West Jerusalem, Clemens Messerschmid, presented his a two-part lecture series sponsored by the Alternative Information Center, titled "Till the Last Drop: The Palestinian Water Crisis in the West Bank, Hydrogeology and Hydropolitics of a Regional Conflict." Mr. Messerschmid … [Read more...]

Democracy: The American Way

Fading U.S. democracy agenda evokes Arab scorn Reuters They say this was clear from the moment the United States and the European Union boycotted the government set up by Hamas in March 2006 after the Islamists trounced Abbas's Fatah faction in free elections that Washington had insisted go … [Read more...]

Iran’s Jews not for sale

Unlike many other millions: Iran's Jews reject cash offer to move to Israel · Expats offer families £30,000 to emigrate · Our identity is not for sale, say community leaders Robert Tait in Tehran Thursday July 12, 2007 Guardian Unlimited Iran's Jews have given the country a loyalty pledge in … [Read more...]

We made $500 bucks before she hung herself

Young American soldiers proud of raping, proud of torturing... laughing about it all ... An American soldier boasts of having tortured Iraqis and making a 15 years old Iraqi girl commit suicide after she had been raped. Watch it before the 'big brother' decides to remove it!! … [Read more...]

Beat those war drums!

New envoy to U.K.: Jews must do more to put Iran on the agenda By Sara Miller, Haaretz Correspondent The Israeli ambassador-elect to Britain, Ron Prosor, said Tuesday that the Jews around the world and the global community should do more to focus attention on Iran and its nuclear aspirations. Because … [Read more...]

Why Palestine Matters By Roger H. Lieberman

Thanks as well as a hat tip to the great ladies at Jordan Journals for making this article available. (Unless you have a print subscription to the Jordan Times, this article is not freely available online, the only other site that has it requires subscription). Cross-posted at Reclaiming Space at … [Read more...]

On Vacation!

This blogger (Haitham) is officially on vacation. Destination: Unknown! Period: Unknown! I don't know when and how many times I will get a chance to blog something... I will be back when I'm back... This does not include my lovely guest/friends post ;-) Have a nice and safe summer! … [Read more...]

Israel and Peace “Talk”

Well, talk is one thing, action another. 92 of 164 settlements expanded or redrawn... "A short drive along West Bank roads demonstrates that talk is one thing, action another; while the government talks about "a political horizon," in the form of two states, Israel's actions on the ground and its … [Read more...]