To be a Zionist more than Zionists themselves

The long awaited final Winograd’s report came out with unsurprising (or surprising? doesn’t make a difference here) conclusions that saved Olmert’s ass and his sick cabinet, however, that’s not what I’m interested in at all. The real interesting part is the relation between and Winograd report.


Winograd report states that the Israeli occupation forces use of in was NOT in line with international law. Does this remind you with anything? Once upon a time in the West, our Big Sister, Hilary Clinton, once voted FOR the use of these cluster bombs:

“On 6 September 2006 the US Senate had a rollcall vote on an amendment on the FY 07 DOD budget, the Feinstein-Leahy Amendment, which would restrict the usage of cluster bombs in civilian areas throughout the world. The amendment failed, the result of the vote was 30 ayes, all by Democrats and one Independent, and 70 nays, including all Republicans and a sizeable number of nominal Democrats.”

Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Evan Bayh, supposed potential candidates for the Democratic nomination for President included themselves among the Nays. We must ask why. [Source]

Ha’aretz today:

“Israel must consider whether it wants to consider using cluster bombs in the future, because its current manner of employing them does not conform to international law. The Winograd Committee made this recommendation in the chapter of its report dealing with Israel’s conduct in the Second Lebanon War as it relates to international law.

She didn’t know, maybe… Hillary never knows what she is voting for. Or maybe it depends on what vote means…

Hope someone sends her a copy of the report!