Israeli minister warns of Palestinian holocaust

And once again Israel shows its awe and emulation of Nazis. (That does not mean they will stop exploiting the Holocaust of European Jews for their own purposes: No matter what we do unto others, WE are the victims...) A senior Israeli minister today warned of increasingly bitter conflict in the Gaza Strip and that the Palestinians would bring on themselves what he called a … [Read more...]

Gaza Massacre

Update (Feb 3rd, 2008): YouTube deleted my video "Gaza Massacre", obviously they don't want to upset the Zionist by allowing anyone to expose their war crimes and holocaust against Palestinian. Here is an alternative (until it get deleted, but don't worry, I can always host it locally on my server): Gaza_massacre_feb2008Uploaded by sabbahblog The deleted … [Read more...]

Long Live Peacepalestine!


Our beloved Mary is back online with here new blog, after here old blog got stabbed in the back by a Night-Dog-Zionist called Tony Greenstein. We Love You Mary! … [Read more...]

Child-Termination Day by IOF


Israel adds 3 children to list of dead in a new bloody day in Palestine. Today, Israel enjoyed killing three Palestinian children and injuring six more, one clinically dead and five in intensive care unit. This was the result of the "brave" Israel terrorist forces air strike on north of Gaza City. The director of ambulance and emergency services in the Palestinian health … [Read more...]