Rabbis Call For Jewish Terrorism

That’s right. Mercaz HaRav approved revenge terror attack against the Mufti. He called Yeshiva Students to practice what they learned and it almost happened:

Rabbis Call For Jewish Terrorism
Image by Carlos Latuff

Seminary students planned revenge attack: TV

JERUSALEM (AP) – Students from a Jewish religious school where a Palestinian militant killed eight last week planned a revenge attack against a senior Arab official affiliated with a Jerusalem mosque, Channel One TV reported Tuesday.

The attack has not been carried out but no arrests have been made, the TV said, quoting security sources.

The three students met at the seminary with two rabbis to discuss whether Jewish law would permit such an attack, the TV said. One of the rabbis gave his blessing for the attack, according to the report. An additional rabbi from a Tel Aviv suburb also gave his approval for the attack, the TV said.

Torah law is that you should respond,” the TV quoted one of the rabbi’s as saying.

The plan was to harm a senior Arab official affiliated with a mosque at the disputed Jerusalem holy site known as the Temple Mount to Jews, Channel One said. To Muslims the hill is known as Haram a Sharif… read on!

The Israeli version (Ynet) of the story:

Channel 1: Rabbi endorses Jewish revenge attack
Several Jews reportedly granted rabbinical approval to avenge Jerusalem yeshiva attack
Ynet – Published: 03.11.08, 23:21 / News

Jewish revenge in the works? A group of Jewish men have apparently been granted religious approval to carry out an act of retribution in retaliation for the attack on the Mercaz Harav yeshiva in Jerusalem last week, Channel 1 reported Tuesday.

According to the report, several 25-35-year old men met with two prominent rabbinical figures – the first a rabbi at Mercaz Harav yeshiva and the second a rabbi known in far Right circles – two days after the attack, to discus possible retribution.

After reaching the conclusion that the IDF is unlikely to retaliate for the attack, the rabbis apparently sanctioned an independent act of revenge, giving three of the men – all believed to be yeshiva graduates who served in the IDF and are licensed to carry arms – several books on the redemption of the Land of Israel.

Three of the men then met with a Bnei Brak rabbi, the head of a Sephardic yeshiva, and introduced him to the notion of retribution in the form of harming an Arab figure associated with Temple Mount.

The rabbi, said Channel 1, gave them his blessing.

However, the Mercaz Harav yeshiva vehemently denied reports that any student or rabbi associated with the seminary planned to carry out an attack on Arabs.

“This report is baseless, and as proof of that, no arrests have been made,” the yeshiva said in its response.

Defense establishment monitors developments

Meanwhile, the defense establishment has been following similar reports suggesting the possibility of Jewish radicals carrying out an act of revenge

A Security source told Ynet that there is great difficulty tracking Jewish elements looking to harm Arabs, citing the 2005 Eden Natan Zada case, in which an IDF deserter opened fire on a bus in the Arab town of Shfaram, killing four.

That was a lone, unforeseeable attack, said the source, and while the defense establishment is looking into several reports indicating some Jewish elements might seek revenge, no concrete leads are available.

Should am imminent threat be detected, concluded the source, the defense establishment will not hesitate to stop it.

But that’s not the end of it… they signed their names. It looks like they are preparing to celebrate the 14th anniversary of their terrorist, Baruch Goldstein, who conducted Hebron’s massacre.

Here’s the proclamation and a partial list of the terrorist Rabbis calling for Jewish :

…In notices posted along Jerusalem’s Kiryat Moshe neighborhood, near the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, the rabbis wrote: “Each and everyone is required to imagine what the enemy is plotting to do to us, and to match it measure for measure.

The rabbis’ announcement calls on Jews “to work to create a proper Jewish leadership,” and envisions the day when “Jews will congregate in thei cities… and strike those who wish upon them ill,” – in reference to a verse from the Book of Esther, which will be read next week on the Purim holiday.

The long list of rabbis who signed the notice includes Daniel Staveski, Itzhak Shapira, David Drukman, Yaakov Yossef – son of Shas spiritual leader Ovadia Yosef – and Uzi Sharbaf, who killed several Arab college students in Hebron 20 years ago and was recently pardoned from a life sentence.

The list of rabbis also includes figures who are linked to the ultra-right Kach movement which was banned in 1994.

This proclamation can’t be perceived innocent by anyone. These rabbis did not state that no violent action should be taken, contrary, they are pushing for it. In fact some of these rabbis are known for supporting criminal and terrorist actions.

Rabbis Druckman and Yosef are Chabad members. Shapira is the student of Chabad rabbi Yitzchak Ginzburg, who has been arrested for violence and related crimes several times. These three rabbis along with the others mentioned above are all well known members of the hard right. Many are supporters of the dead terrorist, Baruch Goldstein.

What they are calling for?

The statement also says that the massacre at the yeshiva was “the direct result of the lack of a proper government, which should have acted according to the ‘Shulkhan Arukh’ (a 16th century rabbinical codex) which states that one must not forgive goyim who harm Jews or their property.”

“The governing leaders have decided to appease the Arab enemy. Only the real Jewish leadership can send the country to war knowing that it is a righteous battle against the enemies of Israel and God.”

“In going to war,” the rabbis write, “the Cohen fills the people with motivation by giving him the knowledge that he is going to fight his enemies and he must not show compassion or mercy.”

The message is clear: Murder Arabs. Commit Jewish terror.

I think the call for Jewish terrorism is clear in their announcement. They say “Each and everyone is required to envision what the enemy is plotting to do to us, and to match it measure for measure.” They also believe that their government “should have acted according to the Shulkhan Arukh [Code of Jewish Law] which states that one must not forgive goyim who harm Jews or their property.” The rabbis also called for “blessed local actions” (guess what action) and the day will soon come when “Jews will congregate in their cities… and strike those who wish upon them ill.”

The sentence quoted by the rabbis in full reads this way:

“The Jews assembled in their cities, in all the provinces of King Ahasuerus, to lay hand on those who sought to harm them, and no one stood up before them, for their fear had fallen upon all the peoples.” Esther 9:2.

In other words, the rabbis are saying: “The Jews will assemble in their cities [on Purim] to lay hand on those who try to harm them, and no one will stand up to stop them, because fear of these ‘holy’ Jews acting in ‘God’s name’ wills frighten the nations into submission.”

Can they do it? “Yes they can, and no one will stop them.” Will they do it? “They are doing worse than this every day.” That’s what the killed student of Mercaz HaRav were doing… learning to kill Arab.