Shaping U.S. leaders at AIPAC 2008

As an Arab, an uprooted Palestinian, the annual conference is interesting for me to follow, not because I expect anything good from it, but because this is the annual event in which U.S. leaders show their real mettle. Unfortunately, it was always disappointing for me and others in the Middle East, but we understand the real reason which most Americans are not aware of (by design), despite that the truth behind AIPAC was revealed over and over again, but little (if any) was done to counter the impact and control of AIPAC on U.S. foreign policy (if not U.S. national policy as well).

It is not a secret and for those who don’t know what American Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) stands for, their slogan displayed prominently on their website’s frontpage is “America’s Pro-Israel Lobby”. So we are not reinventing the wheel when we reaffirm that AIPAC, from their own words:

“As America’s leading pro-, AIPAC works with both Democratic and Republican political leaders to enact public policy that strengthens the vital U.S.-Israel relationship. With the support of its members nationwide, AIPAC has worked with Congress and the Executive Branch on numerous critical initiatives — from securing vital foreign aid for Israel to stopping Iran’s illicit nuclear program.”

This year’s conference started today and will continue until 4th June in Washington, D.C. AIPAC is expecting 7000+ participants to attend the annual policy conference. The importance of this year’s conference is due to the fact that among the speakers are the most important U.S. policy makers at present. Barack , Hillary Clinton, John , Bush, Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Harry Reid (Majority Leader), Mitch McConnell (Republican Leader), Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House), and the list goes on.

Actually, while I was writing the names, I was asking myself: “Is there any event in the U.S.A. that brings together this spectrum of U.S. policy makers under one roof?” Maybe! In fact I hope something or someone else other than this Zionist policy shapers, makers and drivers, can or does.

Before I forget, Olmert is also delivering a speech there… and because all of the names I mentioned above (and more) are the guests, the 7000+ AIPAC participants received in advance a “warning letter” – if I may call it that – ahead of the conference, telling them to be polite and act as they are expected and paid to be, hypocrites.

Here is the letter:

“Dear Policy Conference Participant,

This year’s AIPAC Policy Conference is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet, and we’re grateful that you will be part of it.

We have a record number of delegates participating and an incredible array of speakers and honored guests.
Included among those addressing us will be:
· All four leaders of the House and Senate;
· The three Presidential candidates;
· And Israel’s Prime Minister…. to name just a few.

Every single one of them is a strong friend of AIPAC and a dedicated proponent of the special relationship between the United States and Israel.

As a delegate to this year’s conference, we think that you should understand exactly why we have invited America’s leaders to join us. AIPAC, America’s pro-Israel Lobby, has the unique role of building friendships with everyone who is involved in affecting and strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship. We fully embrace the bipartisan spirit that has formed the basis of that relationship for 60 years.

The goal of the conference, as always, is to have every speaker, honored guest, , Senator, and administration official who joins us feel that we have done everything we can to extend our hand in friendship. They must walk away from the conference knowing that we look forward to working together, with them, to make America and Israel stronger. Each speech and appearance at the conference is an important opportunity for us to accomplish that critical goal.

We have always had the perspective that these speakers and guests have been invited into our home and we will treat them with the warmth, deference, respect, and appreciation that anyone would be accorded as such.
Therefore, how we conduct ourselves during the conference, individually and collectively, is a matter of great importance. Because we know that you – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents — come to this conference with one overriding concern – a stronger U.S. -Israel alliance – we ask that you act and react to every speech, address, and briefing, that will be offered as part of the conference program in only the most positive manner.

Thank you in advance for your positive participation in this year’s historic gathering. We look forward to seeing you in Washington and appreciate your support in making this year’s Policy Conference a successful and enjoyable experience for everyone who attends.”

Self explanatory I guess. Of course criticism for Obama already started, as American Jews were made to believe (and advertise it as a fact) that Obama is Pro-Palestinian!!! Where? When? Zionists only know.

Obama is scheduled to give his speech on 4th June and there are rumours that ex-Presiedent Jimmy Carter has written Obama’s AIPAC speech. If this is true, it explains why American Jews have already judged Obama is ‘no good‘ for U.S. Presidency. Now, being optimistic, and assuming that rumour is true, the question is: “Does Obama have the courage to deliver the speech as is?” I can only wish that this is true and only then I will believe in Obama’s “Hope” and “Change”.

It’s only a dream, so let’s wait and see.

Speaking of “Change,” at the 2008 Hay Festival in Hay, Wales, Carter gave this speech as reported in the Guardian article titled “Carter: 10 minutes to change the world”:

“When I’m the president of the United States,” he intoned, the voice still strong, “My country will never again torture a prisoner. When I’m the president of the United States, we will never again attack another country unless our security is directly threatened. When I’m the president of the United States, human rights will be the foundation of our foreign policy.” He went on in that vein, with ringing declarations on global warming, a promise to honour international agreements and to bring “security and to Israel and all its neighbours and treat them all on an equal basis.” The audience thundered its applause, signalling that this was the American speech they yearned to hear. Carter insisted that a new president would not need a hundred days to change America’s image in the world, just the “ten minutes” required to say those words.

For a “Change”, we have a “Hope” that one day, U.S. and the world will have a person with the above description. Can it be Obama? I doubt. Although Obama claims:

“I am in this race to tell the corporate lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda in Washington are over. I have done more than any other candidate in this race to take on lobbyists – and won. They have not funded my campaign, they will not run my White House, and they will not drown out the voices of the American people when I am president.”

But, does this apply on AIPAC? Now that would be “change we can believe in“. If he does, then only I can congratulate the U.S. for their “Freedom” and will support their “Hope“.

Dropping Bush, Cheney and Rice’s expected speeches as we know their mettle and understand their need to secure their future salaries, and dropping the non presidential candidate speakers, what we are left with? Clinton and McCain! Honestly speaking, I don’t see a difference between the two. Both are agents of the same policy maker lobby, AIPAC.

Putting aside Clinton’s history and due to lack of expectations from her towards just peace and fair resolution to the Palestinian catastrophe, I’m left with the McCain, who delivered one of his worst speeches today at AIPAC as scheduled. The least that can be said about it that it was disgusting. The man doesn’t even recognize the catastrophe of Palestinians or their rights as human beings.

Following are excerpts from his speech followed by my comments:

“…In all of this, we will not only be defending our own safety and welfare, but also the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people. They are a great and civilized people, with little sympathy for the terrorists their leaders finance, and no wish to threaten other nations with nuclear weapons. Iran’s rulers would be very different if the people themselves had a choice in the matter, and American policy should always reflect their hopes for a freer and more just society. The same holds true for the Palestinian people, most of whom ask only for a better life in a less violent world.

They are badly served by the terrorist-led group in charge of Gaza. This is a group that still refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist, refuses to denounce violence, and refuses to acknowledge prior peace commitments. They deliberately target Israeli civilians, in an attempt to terrorize the Jewish population. They spread violence and hatred, and with every new bombing they set back the cause of their own people.

During my last visit to Israel in March, I saw for myself the work of Hamas in the town of Sderot, just across the border from Gaza. I saw the houses that have been hit by Hamas rockets. In the face of injuries, death, and destruction thousands of Israelis have fled the town. Many others have stayed, to carry on as best they can. I visited the home of a man named Pinhas Amar, who lives with his disabled wife, Aliza, and their children. One day, last year, the sirens sounded again to alert the town to incoming rocket fire. The rest of the family found cover. Aliza, on the other side of the house, was knocked out of her wheelchair and struck by shrapnel.

This occurred on December 13. And from that day until the day of my visit just some three months later, more than a thousand rockets had struck Sderot. Today, siren warnings are commonplace, the elementary schools are surrounded by concrete shelters and children walking the streets in costume for Purim celebrations did so in fear. No nation in the world would allow its population to be attacked so incessantly, to be killed and intimidated so mercilessly, without responding. And the nation of Israel is no exception.

Prime Minister Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas are engaged in talks that all of us hope will yield progress toward peace. Yet while we encourage this process, we must also ensure that Israel’s people can live in safety until there is a Palestinian leadership willing and able to deliver peace. A peace process that places faith in terrorists can never end in peace. And we do no favors to the Palestinian people by conferring approval upon the terrorist syndicate that has seized power in Gaza.

And we have an additional task. In the summer of 2006, Hamas and Hezbollah kidnapped three young Israelis – Gilad Shalit, Eldad Regev, and Ehud Goldwasser – and have held them ever since. I met with the families of two of these men in December 2006, and heard firsthand about their ordeal. I committed then to bring attention to their situation, to insist that the Geneva Conventions are observed, and to call for the swift release of these men. These men are being unlawfully held, and they must be set free and returned home to Israel.”

Full speech can be found here!

Now Mr. McCain… Staring from bottom upwards. Isn’t it surprising that you only know and address in your “Historical” speech, three Israeli Prisoners of War (POW) and completely ignore almost 12,000 Palestinian POW:

“There are more than 11.870 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, 117 of them are mothers. Some give birth while chained, and their children are forced to live in the cells where they do not live their childhood or play or go out.
I don’t have to tell you about lack of healthy conditions, or medical negligence. Some prisoners are denied warm clothes sent to them by their families. They are held in 30 different prisons, and detention centers. 1189 prisoners are schools, collage, and universities students of both genders, 330 of the detained are children. Not only the students were detained, but their teachers too, there are 107 Palestinian teachers in Israeli prisons. 1150 Palestinian prisoners suffer acute illnesses.”

What a shame! Is this the man you are voting for America to bring Justice and Peace and protect America from it’s enemies?

Moving to the resistance “pipes he calls rockets” from Gaza, Mr. McCain… Do you know how many Pinhas Amar, Aliza and their children the Palestinian side has? Of course you don’t know because you didn’t have the courage to cross the borders from Sderot to Gaza. For those who want to know (obviously not Mr. McCain), only 4 Israeli civilians have been killed by Palestinians this year (two by pipe rockets and two by snipers, all from Gaza). In the same period, 333 people in Gaza have been killed by the Israeli Terrorist Forces, including 127 adult civilians and 56 children. In fact, more Gazan children were killed in the first four months of this year than in the whole of last year. This a fact that Mr. McCain ignores, if we assume that he knows at all.

On the other hand, Mr. McCain claims that because of Hamas, Palestinian have to suffer ignoring the fact that his belief in Israel’s assumptions that – the Gaza siege would force Hamas to stop launching the pipes, and that the Gazan people would rise up and overthrow Hamas – have proved to be false. Hamas is now stronger than ever. And why? Because the “powerful Palestinian leader” that Mr. McCain and Zionist always claimed is missing is already there (they claimed before)… President Abbas! But you know what? Palestinian feel that they have been completely abandoned by the Palestinian Authority. Abbas, remains caught up in pointless talks with the hopeless Olmert. Watch the news Mr. McCain, Maybe then you can learn something about history and occupation of . Avoid CNN and Fox please!

Mr. McCain, it is a shame on America to vote for a person like you, who cannot differentiate between resistance and terrorists, between aggressor and victim, between terrorist-war criminals and democratic Israel! But what do you know? We never expect anything less or more from people like you.

End of story.