To Israel, with love

This clip is taken from today’s continuous heart breaking news from .

A grandfather from Gaza speaks in to the terrorist defence minister of the Jewish State (message starts @ min 2:00):


More war crimes is conducted by every minute. The latest was massacring more than 40 civilians in a UN school in Gaza.

Action: Spread this video. If you know Hebrew, please provide English translation in your message.

Video also available here:
YouTube (until they block it):
DailyMotion: (They decided to remove it… guess who is behind it?)

Update: Translation of what this mourning grandfather shouted to Barak in Hebrew on the video-clip [Hat tip:

“I want to say someting … this little child – what did he do to Barak? WHAT DID HE DO TO BARAK?? Look, look, look what he has in his head (pointing to the bullet hole) look what he has as well here (pointing to the bullet hole in the other little one’s torso) .. what does Barak ask for the elections … this, THIS is what he does to little children (pointing again to the bullet holes in the chest of the second little one). Bullets .. bullets … bullets he gives to them .. what for??
Look this little kid, three and a half yrears old .. folks, THREE AND A HALF YEARS OLD … really, with YOUR kids, would you agree to that? You would BURN the ones who do that!!”