Action Alert: Irish Call for Justice for Palestine

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign appeal: Invitation to sign ‘Irish Call for Justice for Palestine

To: European Union

End EU Support for Israeli Attacks

is inflicting further misery on Palestinians. The situation in Gaza has reached emergency levels – there is not enough food, electricity, medicine, or even water due to Israel’s siege. In the West bank, is expanding its illegal settlements, imprisoning Palestinians behind a 400 mile long Wall, and killing peaceful protesters.

The EU response has been shameful. The EU tacitly supports Israel’s brutal siege of Gaza and has granted important trading privileges to Israel under the Euro-Med Agreement. This is despite Israel’s violation of the human rights clause of this agreement. Recently the EU has rewarded Israeli aggression by upgrading EU-Israel relations, a huge step towards integrating Israeli into EU agencies and markets.

To the EU Commission, Molesworth Street:

We call upon the EU to:
* Demand Israel abides by International Law, including a complete withdrawal from Gaza and the West Bank.

* Suspend the Euro-Med Agreement until Israel abides by its human rights clauses.

* Reverse the recent upgrade of relations with Israel


The Undersigned

To those of you who have already signed up; a warm word of thanks.

To those of you who haven’t; we are again asking you to sign up to this statement.