Bil’in Invaded, Two Boys Abducted

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At dawn today the Israeli occupation army raided the village of Bil’in. At 2am a military force composed of a number of military jeeps and approximately 50 soldiers, abducted Hamouda Imad Yassin (16) and Ibrahim Khalil Yassin (16). After searching their homes they were taken to an unknown destination. It has only been one month since Hamouda and Khalil were released from Israeli prisons where they had been held for five months.

This is the latest in a series of raids and arrests that have continued in Bil’in for the last six months. They are trying all methods to stop the weekly demonstrations in Bil’in.

Invading Bilin, 2am, Dec 29, 09 (Photo Hamde Abu-Rahma)
Invading , 2am, Dec 29, 09 (Photos: Hamde Abu-Rahma)



Photos By Hamde Abu-Rahma (