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By Sonja Karkar* | Sabbah Report | www.sabbah.biz "There isn't one I haven't heard" or so goes one of the lines in a well-known American musical. Yet, this time the world is imbuing the words with new meaning when it comes to US/Israel relations. The hope is that at long last the US is going to discipline Israel. Alas, in the flurry of words, the music has not changed. … [Read more...]

Children of Gaza [Video]

A moving, must-see video that first aired on Channel 4 (UK)’s Dispatches on 15 March. BAFTA-winning filmmaker Jezza Neumann follows the lives of three children for over a year. The children are amazing: well-spoken, reflective, resilient, understandably vengeful and fearful, but very endearing. The toll this inhumanity has taken is also clear. … [Read more...]

Heckuva Job, AIPAC


By MJ Rosenberg | Sabbah Report | www.sabbah.biz I know what former President Bush would say if he had to comment on the results of AIPAC's conference this week.  He would turn to Howard Kohr, its long time director, and say "heckuva job, Howie." AIPAC supposedly exists to promote US-Israel relations or, more precisely, to promote them to the point where Israeli policies … [Read more...]

The Crisis That Wasn’t


By Philip Giraldi | Sabbah Report | www.sabbah.biz It might have seemed a no-brainer that the vital security interests of the United States would eventually trump the demands of a small client state that lately has not been much given to rational behavior.  But in the latest showdown between the friends of Israel and the Obama Administration the President of the United … [Read more...]

Tweet Digest for 2010-03-30

#Netanyahu received a rare dressing down from #Obama. But he shows no sign yet of backing down - http://ow.ly/1sNWu Fierce debate on #Israel underway inside #Obama administration | http://ow.ly/1sNUN #palestine The big shift: #US puts #Israel on notice | http://ow.ly/1sNTn #palestine Can the US broker a breakthrough? http://ow.ly/1sNPx #palestine #israel When #AIPAC … [Read more...]