Shame, Shame on H&M [Video]

shows H&M’s new spring collection

Gothenburg, Sweden. At 4.30 pm today, ISM Sweden could reveal the latest outside H&M’s main store in Gothenburg. It was clear that the latest had been inspired by the decision to open seven stores in the apartheid state of . This spring’s colour is army green, accompanied by accessories such as machine guns and helmets.

Around the catwalk which was set from H&M’s main store, a descent crowd of spectators soon gathered, showing a great interest in what was going on. ISM handed out flyers informing about H&M’s decision to establish in Israel, a decision that has been condemned by 48 human rights organizations. There were some people who changed their minds and turned around as they were about to enter H&M to shop.

Half an hour later the guards of H&M wished to cancel the fashion show because it “disturbed the customers”, a view that was not shared by the police who allowed the action continue.