Israeli female soldier smiles for camera and posts images of blindfold Palestinian prisoners on Facebook, from ‘best time of my life’

Photographs uploaded by Israeli , (meet her on : ) and labeled “ – the best time of my life” show her smiling next to with their hands bound and their eyes covered.

“That looks really sexy for you,” says a comment posted by one of Abergil’s friends on the social networking site, alongside a picture or the soldier smiling in front of two blindfold men.

Abergil’s repose, posted below, reads: “I wonder if he is on Facebook too – I’ll have to tag him in the photo.”

Adi Tal: “You’re the sexiest like that…”

Eden Abergil: “Yeah I know lol mummy what a day it was look how he completes my picture, I wonder if he’s got Facebook! I have to tag him in the picture! lol”

Shani Cohen: “LOL you psycho… I wonder who’s the photographerrrrr”

Shani Cohen: “Eden… he’s got a hard-on for you… lol for sure!!!”

Eden Abergil: Lol no honey he’s got a hard-on for youuu this is why you took that picture lol you took my picture!!!!”

This is not a satire. All the included are screen capture of the original album, which have since been removed from her Facebook profile album (Abergil, changed her privacy settings, blocking her album to “non-friends”).

All of these pictures really speak for themselves and what to expect from Army, and worse. ‬Pictures of this kind reflect the norms accepted among Israeli soldiers at checkpoint, and the treatment meted out to innocent Palestinians. This sick girl is no better than all Israeli soldiers serving the of . In fact these “best times of my life” pictures are only humble memories when compared to the bloody memories that other Israeli terrorist soldiers carry with them -maybe on their digital mobile phones- that including massacring innocent Palestinian kids, women and elders.

But we should always remember that this is only a small uncovered fact of the real face of Israel occupation of Palestine.