Wikileaks and Tel Aviv Connection

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Israeli psy-ops typically serve multiple purposes. Wikileaks is no exception. By Jeff Gates * | Sabbah Report | What is Tel Aviv to do now that it's known Israelis and pro-Israelis ‘fixed' the intelligence that induced the U.S. to war in Iraq? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Con me consistently for six decades and the … [Read more...]

The New York Times Again Censoring WikiLeaks

By Stephen Lendman * | Sabbah Report | On November 28, WikiLeaks began releasing over 250,000 leaked State Department and US Embassy cables (many designated "secret"), dating from 1966 through end of February 2010. Their content ranges from embarrassing to important revelations about US spying on allies and the UN, ignoring corruption and human rights abuses … [Read more...]

Friends of Israel – Enemies Inside the Gates [Video]

By Anthony Lawson *, Sabbah Report: Recently, political pressure has been brought to bear against a trades unionist KEVIN BRACKEN, for attempting to express his views about the events of 9/11, on Australia's publicly funded broadcaster, the ABC. This video redresses the balance, and makes it clear that Australia’s prime minister is either ignorant, beyond … [Read more...]

“War criminals” leak strikes at heart of Israeli society

"Instead of asking why some groups or individuals in Israeli society are willing to take great risks to hold that society accountable for its actions, Israel prefers to blame the problem on treacherous, self-hating, anti-Semitic Jews, and to instill fear and hatred as the means for preventing Israelis from examining their consciences." By Paul Larudee *, Sabbah Report: … [Read more...]

AIPAC Spying, Why Is The FBI Looking The Other Way?

Has AIPAC Made The FBI The "FBE," Federal Bureau Of Espionage? By Gordon Duff * | Sabbah Report | AIPAC is a sham. The group has, over the years, destroyed anyone who has tried to have it named what it really is, a dangerous foreign lobby and nest of spies. AIPAC is the most feared organization in Washington and most powerful, above any law. A former … [Read more...]