The Choice is Clear [Satire]


By Mantiq al-Tayr * | Sabbah Report |

Do you like that shit-eating grin? Well, the good news is that you won’t see it in Congress anymore. At least not for the next two years. The bad news you can read about near the end of this post. On your way there, there are a few goodies in between.

1. Let me try this out for size.

“Alan Derwoshitz is a respected political analyst. I once had breakfast with him and I like him. I often think his columns are on the mark.”

Hmm, let’s try that one again.

“David Duke is a respected political analyst. I once had breakfast with him and I like him. I often think his columns are on the mark.”

Also not a cool thing to write. How about:

is a respected political analyst. I once had breakfast with him and I like him. I often think his columns are on the mark.”

Highly unlikely.

Let’s try this again.

“Frosty Wooldridge is a respected political analyst. I once had breakfast with him and I like him. I often think his columns are on the mark.”


Nope. Somehow, I don’t think you’ll find the often excellent Dr. writing sentences like the one above before he then rips the person’s ideas to shreds. But for the moronic David Broder, whose obscene column this past weekend in the Washington Post has been pissed on by columnists ranging from Pat Buchannon to Steve Lendman (from whom we will be quoting shortly) and virtually the entire rest of the non-insane world, and their dogs, cats, and horses, Dr. Cole felt it necessary to preface his total destruction of every stupid evil rotten thing Broder said by saying what a nice guy he is and how he had breakfast with him. This is why Dr. Cole still gets pushed around by the neo-cons. It’s time to drop the kid gloves, because the other side’s gloves are padded with lead, depleted uranium, nukes, and virtually the entire elected US government .

You can read Dr. Cole’s controlled demolition of Broder here. You can read Broder’s evil and stupid column here, please make sure you have a copy of the Nuremburg transcripts with you when you do.

Broder’s argument is that we need to prepare for war against in order to save our economy. What he is doing is giving a total bullshit excuse for your sons and daughters dying in yet another war for while he continues to pretend that he is not a total suck up to the worst elements of the Israeli lobby. By the way, in case you did not know, Broder is an Islamofascist.

Cole rips him apart providing very cogent reasons why war with Iran would be a disaster for the . (By the way, it would really suck for the Iranians too, but that goes unmentioned.) Cole notes that oil prices would skyrocket – the impact on what’s left of the US economy should be rather obvious, even to Shas Party members. Cole, who has been all over the Middle East and knows how to use a map and a calculator, also notes that Iran is three times the size of Iraq and that if we were to try to occupy it we’d be meet with a shitload of justifiably pissed off Shi’ites. We are talking about a potential ass-kicking of 2010 election-size proportions here. We can’t handle a bunch of tribal war lords in backasswards countries and we are going to take on a nation the size of Iran. Sure we could bomb the shit out of them and it would be fun, you know, like it was in the first US war against Iraq and its “target rich” environment. We’d get to kill a bunch of Mooselims, also always fun, just ask General James Mattis, the new head of CENTCOM. But if we actually tried to take over the country, well we are kind of like the Israelis – we can dish it out, but we can’t take it.

Cole also discusses several other factors that would make any pro-American president think twice before invading yet another country that has not attacked us. The reverberations in Afghanistan, Iraq and even Bahrain, the site of a major US naval base, are things Dr. Cole brings to light.

Cole wraps this argument by saying: [note to Shas Party Members, the red highlights are mine].

“I can’t think of anything that would be worse for the US economy, or for ’s prospects for a second term, than going to a war footing with Iran. And, my own experience is that if you go to a war footing with a country, you have to be prepared for things spinning out of control and into actual war. Since Americans go running to their congressmen demanding a repeal of the Bill of Rights every time there is a little pipe bomb somewhere, anything that might cause terrorism on US soil is deadly to our over 200 year old Republic. My guess is that a third war right about now, for the reasons outlined above, would just about finish us off as a nation.”

On this score all the tuyuur here at are in full agreement with Dr. Cole. My view is this: any American who is calling for war with Iran, directly or indirectly, is an enemy of the people of the United States who is working to destroy what is left of our country. Any Israeli who is calling for the US to make on Iran is also an enemy of the United States. Any American who sounds like an Israeli war monger and is calling for the US to make war against Iran is now an Israeli. As the hadith says (in part)

“من تشبه بقوم فهو منهم”

Courtesy of Skulz Fontaine

2. I am not done with Broder yet. Broder is a picture perfect example of how mediocrity rises to the top in the American, and I am using that term very loosely, main $tream media, a media that is under the control of Shapira law, of course. How such a buffoon could be perceived as a sort of Jewish is utterly beyond me. Steve Lendman, in an excellent piece, finishes off the drawing and quartering of Broder in the wake of Broder’s disgusting article, showing what an obsequious ass-kissing asshole this guy is. One wonders if journalists in wanna-be theocracies like Israel, Iran, or Pakistan have to kiss leadership ass as much as Broder. Anyway, Lendman’s excellent article is a must read, especially for those who would like to get some insight into how things are in the so called American main stream media.

One juicy quote by Lendman:

“The man is senile. The US/Israeli/UK alliance (the real axis of evil) alone threaten world stability, peace, and perhaps survival, what the “dean” of establishment journalists won’t suggest, not even hint.”

I don’t agree that the man is senile. He’s just doing what he’s always done. But as for the rest of the quote, amen brother, amen.

3. Getting back to Dr. Cole. But first, I want to apologize to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and to Dr. David Duke for mentioning them in the same item with scum like Broder, Derwoshitz and Wooldridge. But their name recognition helps highlight one of the points I was trying to make.

Okay, back to Dr. Cole. His blog, “Informed Comment” is one I link to and is one I read on a regular basis. I disagree with Dr. Cole on many points, but his comments are indeed informed and he writes in such a way that non-specialists can be edified by reading him. He seems to represent about how far out of the Israeli orbit one can go and still hold down an establishment job and still get to speak on National Patrician Radio and the like. A very recent column of his correctly went off on the right wing propaganda about how Obama’s trip to India is going to bankrupt the United States and maybe cause global warming or whatever bullshit the right wing is peddling. Dr. Cole refutes all of that but his ultimate justification for the trip shows just how morally and economically bankrupt these United States have become though that hardly seems to be his intention in writing the post.

Dr. Cole’s thesis is that whatever the cost of the India trip is, it is totally justified because Obama can use the trip to sell 20 billion dollars of weapons to India and isn’t that just a great thing for the US economy. This, right after arguing, correctly, against war preparations by the US against Iran. To be fair, Dr. Cole also points to projections for increased civilian trade as well:

“Some analysts think the US could gain $20 billion or so from India in arms sales alone. And then there are enormous potentials for developing civilian trade, as the already-envisaged increase in bilateral trade of $13 bn. over 2009 demonstrates. And since the new deals would be multi-year in impact, the trip would be paid for many times over.”

But it is the arms sales that are the immediate meat and potatoes. You see, we really can’t do much else as our economy is based on war and credit-default swaps.

Of course selling billions of dollars in weapons to an Israel-friendly country that has had several wars in the past with Pakistan is just too-good a deal to pass up. Plus they both have nukes. The possibilities are endless.

4. Does this quote bother anyone else as much as it does me? It’s from today’s Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post:

“The engineers at Infosys Technologies, India’s second-largest technology company, are at the cutting edge of the country’s $60 billion IT industry, which is shedding its image as a low-cost call center, with young Indians keeping U.S. credit card and banking systems humming all night.

In the latest phase of globalization, some economists say, Silicon Valley is in danger of losing a sizable piece of its knowledge-based industry to India in much the same way Detroit lost its lead to Japan in the auto industry.”

5. A few comments on the elections. There is so much, so much to comment on. But let’s start out with a real Mantiq al-Tayr favorite, Republican Congressman from the state of Virginia who is likely to become the House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor. Of all the Jews in the US Congress, Cantor is the only Republican. By the way, the number of Jews in the Congress declined by a few this time around, but Zionist influence has increased. More on that later. Anyway, Cantor is going to be fun to make fun of the next couple of years and he’s already started giving me new ammo. Since, as a Republican, he has to take positions on public policy matters that would have made Nero wince, he has also to show that he is even more pro-Israel than all the other Jews in Congress as well as all the congressmen and women whom the Israeli lobby has bought off and or blackmailed. Sooooo, Cantor’s opening salvo is to advocate that the money ear-marked for Israel each year in the US’ puny foreign aid budged be moved from that budget and voted on separately from the rest of our foreign aid so that the right-wing retards in the tea party can vote against aid to Egypt, the Palestinians and so forth. In fact, Cantor is dead set against aid for Palestinians with an impressive record in fighting aid to Israel’s victims while advocating unlimited US support for Israel.

But, it turns out that the rest of the Jews in Congress are freaking out over Cantor’s proposal to set Israeli aid aside (possibly to even make it part of the US defense budget).

Cantor: “Part of the dilemma is that Israel has been put in the overall foreign aid looping, “I’m hoping we can see some kind of separation in terms of tax dollars going to Israel.”

The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC), which ought to be renamed “All the Jews in the US Congress Except for Eric Cantor”(ATJUITUSCEFEC) has taken Cantor to task on this issue. The real reasons you can find by reading between the lines. If aid to Israel is separate from all other foreign aid, then that aid is likely to find itself the focus of increasing scrutiny by out of work Americans who might ask questions like “Why the fuck is all this money going to Israel?” “Why is aid for Israel a separate line item?” Why isn’t there guaranteed aid for Ireland, Greece, Poland, Benin, Zimbabwe – pick a country”? “Is our Congress under Zionist occupation”? Yup, these would be dangerous questions and they don’t want you asking them.

AIPAC is against the move and so is the ridiculous “J Street” lobby which I’ve warned you all about repeatedly. Here’s are the opening lines of their statement criticizing Cantor’s proposal.

“J Street unconditionally supports and lobbies for robust U.S. assistance to Israel, and will continue to support such aid no matter what the legislative vehicle.”

Wow. We sure know which side of the street they are on.

J Street is AIPAC without the espionage record (so far). Both outfits should be required to register as agents of a foreign government.

Here’s a couple of Cantorian quotes about how much he loves Israel that you can read to your children at night.

Israel is a democracy that has always made the sacrifices necessary for peace despite living under constant threats to their very existence. The true barrier to ending the Mideast conflict is the widespread refusal to accept and to live alongside Israel as a Jewish state,” said Cantor. “While Israel continues its search for a reliable partner in peace, terrorism is still celebrated in the West Bank and . Despite this reality, since day one the White House has applied a severe double standard that refuses to hold the Palestinians accountable for their many provocations. It makes one wonder where the responsible adults are in the administration?”

“Yes, I would say so. I certainly am a strong advocate for a united Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish state and we should continue to pursue the policy of a united Jerusalem.”

6. The NJDC has screwed up again. They went all out for Ron Klein, Likud, Florida, in the elections. He was up against a goy and a black one at that and the race was getting too close for comfort. So, the NJDC did what it thought would help the most, it put oaut an ad that showed that Ron Klein is more Israeli than Allen West (not actually true, sadly). The top part of the ad is what you saw at the top of this post: Here’s the rest of the ad and it tells you what your “representatives” are doing when you aren’t looking:

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the choice is clear. . . . but I digress.

So an Israeli firster bites the dust, but sadly the guy who replaced him, Allen West, Likud, Florida, won’t be any better. He’s a pro-Israeli war monger who had to leave the military after more than 20 years of service because of what he did to an Iraqi captive:

“While serving in Taji, Iraq, on August 20, 2003, as commander of the 2d Battalion, 20th Field Artillery Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel West was in charge of an interrogation of a civilian Iraqi police officer who was suspected of having pertinent information regarding attacks on American soldiers in the area. Interrogators had learned that the detainee had information about a planned ambush. When the interrogators were unable to extract the needed important information for some time, LTC West was asked to come try to obtain the important information. As the detainee continued to hold back the information, LTC West fired his pistol past the detainee’s head into a clearing barrel, frightening (but not physically harming) the detainee and getting him to finally give the information. According to Lt. Col. West’s sworn statement, the detainee informed West that:

[The attack] was to occur Friday morning in Saba al Boor vicinity of the police station by positioned snipers supposedly being brought in from Fallujah. [The detainee] was to ID my vehicle and myself for these rooftop firers. We took this information and the following day established flask CPs and used AH-64s overhead. There was no attack and no further attacks have emanated from the town since the apprehension of [the detainee] and his named associates.

“At least one man was apprehended as a result of the information obtained through the detainee’s interrogation. His home was searched, but no plans for attacks on Americans or weapons were found. Colonel West testified that he did not know whether “any corroboration” of a plot was ever found, adding: “At the time I had to base my decision on the intelligence I received. It’s possible that I was wrong about [the detainee,] Mr. Hamoodi.”

For West’s revolting positions on Israel see here.

Eric Cantor, meet your new Zionist Bullshitting Friend, Allen West.  You’ll like him. He hates Muslims and loves to fight wars for your favorite country.

7. As just about everyone south of the Canadian border knows, nothing and no one says class, American style, better than Mojo Nixon and Jello Biafra.  Yes, I know you all come to the ends of these posts for either funny cat videos (more of those will be coming), inspirational music videos, or anything that shows Haifa Wehbe – even if she is just window-shopping at a Hizballah hijab store.  But this time I want to change genre’s a little bit and since our economy is ruined I thought that the energizing rendition by Nixon and Biafra of the “Hamlet Chicken Plant Disaster” might work here. Some good strummin for sure combined with well-placed righteous indignation. For those of you whose native language is not English, the words might at times be a little hard to follow, so here is a link to the lyrics.

I present you with Mojo and Jello:

You know, I really do think the choice is clear.

* Mantiq al-Tayr is a blogger who is attempting to wake up other American citizens to the true dangers and challenges which face their country and is devoted to justice for the Palestinian people. Truth is his objective, satire is his tool. He also enjoys reading the Qur’an from time to time. See his website.