Arizona State University Students Protest IOF Soldier

A diverse group of students joined together to protest IOF Sargent Nadav Weinberg’s lecture on the “Ethics of the IDF.” The students organized a silent protest to give a voice to the who have been silenced by IOF policy.

Indeed, talking about the “Ethics of the IDF,” while the IDF is accused of committing and possible crime against humanity by the United Nations is shameless propaganda. This is the same IDF that is responsible for maintaining the longest military in modern history. Additionally, called IDF’s operation in , in December 2008 and January 2009, “22 days of death and destruction.” The U.N. investigation by found that “the assault was designed to humiliate and terrorize a civilian population.” Roughly 1,500 people were killed by the IDF during the assault, a third of them women and children.

In this protest, Arizona State University students stand up for justice and equality, giving a voice to Palestinian civilians. Here’s a clip of the protest:

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Hat tip: Danielle Back
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