Palestine: Yet People Celebrate New Year 2011

Here is a new for .


Once again the Israelis/Zionists felt threatened by a video that reminds the world of the linkage between Christmas and Palestine, on many different levels.

It seems they made a organized effort to remove this video from by flagging it and voting it down.

So far, they only managed to get it restricted to “adults only” on the grounds that includes “inappropriate material”. That means that only people with a youtube account can see it, thus severely restricting viewership. The same happened last Christmas when our video Christmas video was indeed removed.

Anyway, we need all the help we can get to spread this video, especially since people can see the video if it is embedded on a website or blog. For those with a youtube or gmail account (you login to youtube using any gmail account), you can also help by voting (pressing the “like” or “thumbs up” button) and putting a comment.

Hat tip: The Never Before Campaign Team