Besieged Gaza paid the price for the release of the prisoners

MK Hanin Zuabi (Balad) speaking in the Israeli Knesset, Jerusalem, March 23, 2011

By Haneen Zoabi* Without doubt, the prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel is a huge achievement for the Palestinians. Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said in 2006 that he would not give in to Hamas and would not release any Palestinian prisoners. The entire population of Gaza was then besieged by Israel in its efforts to find and free their soldier held … [Read more...]

Israeli military covers up evidence showing Eilat attack was not carried out by Palestinians

Avital Leibovitz

After a shooting attack on an Israeli bus and truck two months ago which killed five civilians and three soldiers, Israeli military officials immediately claimed that a Palestinian resistance group was responsible. But an Israeli military investigation revealing that the attack was carried out by Egyptians, not Palestinians, has been 'embargoed' by the military. Although … [Read more...]

Israel’s Gilad Shalit got off lightly

Considering a Palestinian kid throwing stones gets imprisonment and mashed testicles! While the whole world, it seemed, was in ecstasy over the freeing of Gilad Shalit, I was amazed to discover that the Israeli tank-gunner had been made an honorary citizen of Rome, Paris, Baltimore, Miami, Pittsburgh and New Orleans. Knowing what we know, that's pretty sick stuff. Europe's … [Read more...]

Palestinian Prisoners Are Not Unpeople; They Are Children of God

In a talk at New York City's Barnard College the night the Hamas-Israeli prisoner exchange was announced, Noam Chomsky anticipated the one-sided media coverage of the exchange. He charged the media with treating Israeli Jews as people, while dismissing Palestinians as "unpeople". Chomsky, who is Jewish, brings credentials to this issue as both an acclaimed … [Read more...]

Saving Sergeant Shalit, Condemning Palestinians to Torture and Children to Imprisonment

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By Clive Hambidge* A boy soldier returns home to assuage the 'righteous indignation' of Israel, no longer "sensitive [even] to its image of democracy." Palestinian soldiers and civilians of no blame, who were incarcerated and held in Israeli prisons for resisting the brutal occupation of their land, return to find themselves in another prison, Gaza, while others were forced … [Read more...]