How to kill Arab Kids: Israeli Kids Learning in the Army Museum [must see video]

by Haitham Sabbah | Sabbah Report:

israeli kids picture dead ArabI can’t say that I was shocked or surprised by what I saw and heard in this because I knew it as a fact. Actually it reminded me of these pictures with Israeli kids writing “sweet” messages on the bombs that were dropped on Lebanese schools, houses, shops, etc. in the 2006 war on lebanon.

The Zionist always tried to portray the Palestinian and Arab (the victim) as the future “terrorists” (that’s what they try to tag a freedom fighter as), and show them in pictures carrying pistols and guns and wearing the khaki uniform.

Now, this video shows the reality of what the kids are thought about the victims of the land they occupy. Not only that, but the dreams of the kids to and more victims, the Palestinian people.

Hate, racism and terrorism. That’s all what Zionism is all about. That’s all what they teach their kids to be. That’s all what they will become. New generations of ISRAELI TERRORISTS.

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