Muhammad Legacy Of A Prophet Film [Watch and Share]

Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet FilmIn our polarized climate filled with negative images and perceptions of , Unity Productions Foundation wants to provide its friends with a free resource to help counter misinformation and start a more positive dialogue about Muslims in America.

UPF’s film, Muhammad Legacy of a , has already been viewed by over 150 million people worldwide, and is a proven tool to start meaningful dialogue while shattering stereotypes about Muslims. UPF is currently offering the film as a free resource to our community both online and in format, and I encourage you to watch the film for yourself.

Here’s how you can help UPF share their free resource and open minds:

1) Watch the film at

2) Share the film with others – Tweet it and post on Facebook

3) Request a free DVD copy for educational purposes. If you work with a classroom, civic center or house of worship, you can request a copy of the DVD by sending anemail to [email protected].

Video link: