Billboards and beyond to Stop the Blank Check to Israel!

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new national – we hope you will join!

Stop the Blank Check to

This is a campaign that aims to demonstrate that far more care deeply about -Israel than previously recognized, to increase the number of Americans who care by educating them about this misuse of their tax dollars, and ultimately to stop blank-check US aid to Israel. (See below for how, why, and how you can help!)

How we will get heard

At a time when special interest lobbying and contributions from wealthy individuals and corporations drive political campaigns and agendas, we have found a way to deliver a powerful message to political candidates.

We have created a “check” for voters to sign – digitally or on paper – promising support for “the candidate who finally ends our blank check to Israel.”

Stop the Blank Check to Israel

Once we have gathered a number of signatures in a given voting district, groups or individuals can set up meetings with politicians and candidates to deliver a bundle of “checks.” This will demonstrate both to serving politicians and candidates in future elections that voters wish to end this wasteful, destructive, and immoral use of our tax money.

Billboards and beyond

We are combining this campaign with strategic and advertising outreach to the general American public, aimed at driving people to our informative website,

Below is a billboard that is already live in California, and others are in the works around the country. We are also pleased to be working with other groups that are putting up excellent billboards and whose sites link to the Stop the Check website.

$8 Million a day to Israel. Stop Blank Check Billboard

In addition to signing the check, we hope you will play an integral role in making this campaign a success.

Donate to help us place advertisements that will drive people to the Stop the Blank Check website. We are carefully selecting locations around the country that can have a high impact and high return on investment. Your donations will allow usto place these advertisements now (and pay to print and ship “checks” and“checkbooks”).

Spread the word about this campaign online:

“Like” Stop the Blank Check on Facebook

Share the Stop the Blank Check site via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media

Order checkbooks to gather signatures in your community.

Why the Stop theBlank Check campaign

We believe that stopping blank-check aid to Israel — which funds atrocities, impedes peace, and drains money from already-squeezed programs in this country — is a goal that people new and uninformed on the issue can quickly understand and begin to support.

Surveys show that most Americans don’t want to take sides in Palestine-Israel. This campaign gives them the opportunity to learn that, via their government, they are already taking sides — on a massive scale. And then it gives them the chance to convey their wish to their politicians.

We also hope this goal is one that bridges divisions and differences among activists, and that we can unite around what we have in common. We believe most people dedicated to justice and peace wish to work together to achieve these goals. Let’s do it!

Thank you for your commitment to fight injustice, counter hatred, and promote peace and equal treatment for all people — and stop the blank check to Israel!

We are extremely pleased that this campaign is being cosponsored by the Council for the National Interest, which has been working on this issue for 20 years.

CNI was founded by , a former 11-term U.S. Congressman who was an early opponent of the Vietnam War, a strong proponent of equal rights and justice for all, and one of the first American leaders to speak out on Palestine.

He is the author of They Dare to Speak Out, the first book on the Israel Lobby; Deliberate Deceptions: Facing the Facts about the U.S.-Israeli Relationship, one of the first and best primers on the issue; Silent No More: Confronting America’s False Images of Islam; and his recent memoir: Speaking Out: A Congressman’s Lifelong Fight Against Bigotry, Famine, and War.

Article by Alison Weir | Sabbah Report: