Martyred in Gaza – A Video Report

Graphix by Don Nash at Skulzwerks

We want to alert you to valuable live reporting from by a young British journalist named Harry Fear, who has made videos about the situation in Gaza.

When this is live (he occasionally takes a few hours out to sleep), these provide real-time reports from inside Gaza about ongoing events. We fervently hope he stays safe.

Following is one of his early report:

On Saturday evening and Sunday morning killed a confirmed 6 and injured around 40 in three sets of attacks on the Gaza Strip.

In the Shejaea area, Israeli forces killed a 15-year-old, 16yo and two 20-year-olds; in the attack it injured dozens of women and children who were attending a funeral parade.

In the Al Karama area, north of Gaza City, Israel killed 20-year-old Islamic Jihad resistance fighter Mohammed Saeed Eshkokani.

In the Jabalya area, 20-year-old Mohammed Obeid was killed.

In this comprensive and hard-hitting report I visit the site of Eshkokani’s targeted assassination, a mortuary; I follow a funeral procession. I speak to paramedics and bereaved family members.


Special thanks to: Vanessa Beeley, Mohammed Ahmed, Jiji Rostom, Yousef Aljamal, Roger Fowler, Ahmed Issa, Mousheera Jammal.