Bishop Corder: Israel’s “Pillar of Cloud” Blasphemy

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On Thursday November 1, 2012 Blogging with Corder published an article entitled The . Thereinafter Israeli Defense Forces () launched Operation Pillar of Cloud on November 14, 2012 a strategic ploy designed to begin with the killing of , chief of the military wing of and their publishing notice that any semblance of due process of law would be supplemented by an IDF Twitter message which said, “We recommend that no operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead.” What followed was the IDF killing of more than 38 . ’s Health Ministry announced that among the killed are a pregnant woman, an 11- month-old child, a 3-year-old girl and estimates that more than 130 people have been wounded in what the Israeli government calls Operation Pillar of Cloud.

In English, the Defense Forces (IDF) is calling its effort – launched Wednesday November 14, 2012 – to strike a blow to Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure “Pillar of Defense,” but in Hebrew the operation’s name has another, deeper biblical meaning. In Hebrew, the IDF named its operation “Amud Anan,” that is Pillar of Cloud, a clear reference to the flight of the Children of from and how protected them. The Blaze ‘Check Out the Biblical Reference Behind the Name of Israel’s Military Operation Against Hamas’ November 14, 2012 by Sharona Schwartz. Herein relevant is that the Jewish Prophet Isaiah cursed the children of Israel to have a heart full of lard thereby voiding their comprehension of biblical truth. Being a critical quality significant to understanding the mystical elements driving the content and meanings of the Pillar of Cloud piece now referred to.

The original article was intended to specifically encourage the and the broader community. So spiritual detail was not included because of the wide diversity of the readership, spiritual indoctrinations and the multiplicity of theological leaning or absence thereof, throughout the lands held under Israeli occupation. Before being made aware of events upon the ground I had only heard in passing that Israel had once again attacked the Gaza Strip. Stunned by the eventuality I doubted my own message and feared for the people who were now confronted with bombs, bullets and the savage politics of an Israeli Prime Minister entourage. When without warning their was a quickening in my spirit and understanding came to my mind that the Israeli’s knew of my article, the hope it would bring and the need to take away that hope and break the spirits of the believers and participant in the covenants of grace.

While in covenant meditations crying out, “Lord we assemble ourselves before you as prophetic intercessors and lift up our voices to you and pray that you would grant unto us to behold witness of the manifestation of the sons of God and your ushering in the pillar of cloud and glory over Jerusalem unto the ends of the earth. Almighty God release Kingly Anointings through the Prayer Veil ministries and the Covenant Prayer Alliance spiritual sacrifice made sufficient to confront, challenge and change the ruling spirits over Jerusalem and the nations of the world; Lord God, release the power and multiplication of the covenant ministry.

Within moments the spirit world opened up before me and such a move of power went forth in the appearance of a snapshot focused upon the escalating heights of a mountain from which a foundation stone had been carved out. On behalf of the Palestinian peoples and was made visible within my spirit, and knowing was provided. Following shortly thereafter the Lord took me back to elevations once beheld in the realms of the invisible and my eyes were turned to Jerusalem and what should rightfully be the Nation of . There was darkness across the skies and the land absent light but rather vision was restrained to a gray illumination. When I was made able to behold an immense cloud shaped like a huge donut and knew it to be a pillar of cloud manifestation of the Spirit of the Lord. God then opened my eyes and directed me to see invisible power like in the form of lightening emanating out of the whirlwind manifestation and they were striking out and downing the ruling powers in the air which now governed political Israel.

From these understandings the nature of my intercessions for the Palestinian Church was transformed. And I was given to offer up that they would learn how to pray in the new dimensions wherein God was guiding them and the body. Spiritual leadership would be raised up and they be made able to walk in the powers of the Spirit as so many have not loved their lives unto death. And now in this time of testing we pray that their faith would fail not and these be strong in the Lord and in the deliverance of his might.

The Israeli decision to cause this against all that is decent cannot be justified in that they have set in motion the elements leading to their having purchased for themselves global disdain, grafted into their resumes crimes along with and did make merchandise of the immeasurable pain and suffering engineered as a global control mechanism through Zionist multi-national corporations; all being common knowledge.

But, a far more weightier indictment could be argued in that they have mocked the message of God’s prophet and turned it into a murderous blasphemy. The Pillar of Cloud represents life to the Palestinian people and the body of believers of which they are a part. It is the end-time manifestation ushering in the new dynamics of power and revelation in which we now have found privilege to walk in. It is the death toll to the old systems as God prepares the world for the manifestations of the Sons of God. As the marytr’s blood, shall remain on your hands to testify against them who were once God’s chosen people; and your own blood will be upon your own heads and that of your children.

Article by Bishop Donald R. Corder | © Sabbah Report: