Mohamed Khodr: Obama Will Cave in to Israel and Drop Chuck Hagel’s Nomination

“So likewise, a passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter without adequate inducement or justification. It leads also to concessions to the favorite nation of privileges denied to others.
And it gives to ambitious, corrupted, or deluded citizens (who devote themselves to the favorite nation), facility to betray or sacrifice the interests of their own country.”
, Farewell Address, 1796

To the Honorable President of the Mr.

Obama-chuck-hagel-nominationMr. President, it is shocking, bewildering, incredulous, and tragically disappointing that American citizens should have to resort to a petition asking you to serve America’s national interest by nominating the incredibly qualified Senator for and, for once, stand up to and its Jewish cabal and lobbies, such as , ADL, and the , who are smearing and assaulting an honorable American to pressure you to withdraw him from consideration as has been reported in .

The Israeli Lobby’s smear campaign and opposition to Senator Chuck Hagel’s nomination, unfairly attacking him as an “Anti-Semite”, arises from their perception that Senator Hagel is not a sufficiently compliant advocate for Israel’s interests such as their demand that America again pays and dies for another war in the Middle East, this time against Iran.

Who would believe that a reelected American President who’s prohibited from running again would even face such a choice: America’s interests or Israel’s?

Unfortunately for the past four years you’ve repeatedly caved in, kowtowed, and accepted ’s humiliation of you in your Oval Office without so much as a whimper.

You’ve allowed yourself to be humiliated by Israel on the world stage with your sole vetoes against Israel’s policies, especially its successive announcements to build thousands of illegal homes in East Jerusalem. All you dared muster was a wimpish “concern” on the issue.

Sir; should you again capitulate to the Israeli Lobby you will further erode whatever respect and credibility remains in the world for our system of government and our sovereign ability to conduct foreign and defense policy without first checking with Israel for its approval.

Many American officials going back to President have objected and lamented the impact and influence of Jewish Americans on our foreign policy. Honorable men such as America’s most popular politician at the time, General , Secretary of State, and , Secretary of Defense.

Secretary of State during the Administration addressed this issue by saying : “We cannot have all our policies made in Jerusalem.”

In the 1990’s George Ball, former Undersecretary of State in the 1960, along with Douglas Ball wrote this in their book “The Passionate Attachment”

“The large Jewish contributors commit their money only after they have carefully interrogated candidates on their views about Israel.”

Israel consistently rejects and rebukes any nation, including ours, for what it calls “meddling” in its internal affairs and national security, yet it reserves itself the inexplicable right to freely meddle in our internal affairs.

Mr. President, many honorable American men and women have lost their elections, nominations, and jobs simply because they oppose Israel’s policies against the Palestinians and its overwhelming influence on our foreign policy.

Men and women like:

Mr. President, the clear choice is yours. Will you serve Israel’s interests or America’s national interests and have the courage to appoint a most qualified man to serve as Secretary of Defense, Senator Chuck Hage, a man whose shed his blood for his country.

You’ve stated repeatedly your “unshakeable” support and stand with Israel, May we ask you to show an “unshakeable” stand for our American interests?

Not to do so is not in the interest of your Presidency, the long term interest of this nation or of Israel.

President , for once, show some spine and courage and nominate Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

From Author:

I urge and encourage every American citizen and resident to sign the petition on the Blog, “We the People”, asking President Obama to do the right thing for the U.S. and nominate Senator Chuck Hagel. The petition needs 25,000 signatures by January 18. Please SIGN AND DISTRIBUTE via Social Media.

Petition to President Obama on Senator Hagel’s Nomination. Please Sign

(Please read the excerpts from the CIA Report Below)

C.I.A. Report issued November 28, 1947, one day prior to the U.N. General Assembly Vote on on the “Partition of

Title of Report:

“The Consequences of the Partition of Palestine”

Excerpts from the CIA Report below accurately prophesied the situation in Palestine and the damage incurred by U.S. interests as a result of supporting ’s theft of Palestine. The damage continues till this day.

Page 6:

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 5.32.06 PM

Page 8:

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 5.32.57 PM

Nothing has changed — Israel still commits regular genocides against the Palestinians, steals and annexes more land for illegal , still imposes its will on the U.S., and Presidents, like Obama, continue to kowtow to Israel and prioritize its interests over the interests of the American people.

As Obama and the GOP hackle over the “Fiscal Clift” that may result in deep cuts in domestic programs to the poor, the children, minorities, women, and the elderly, they managed to find and send to Israel close to $700 Million in aid before they left for Christmas vacation.

CIA REPORT November 28, 1947

CIA Report: The consequences of the Partition of Palestine, Nov. 1947

Original document can be downloaded from here:

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