Bishop Donald R. Corder: The Breath of Hope the frightening sounds of great waters to one uninitiated in the ways of the sea, thunder rings from the spiritual tempest. So that the rise and falling swells of waves born of circumstance only adds to the tightening arising within the belly as one navigates life’s tempest through uncharted seas of wicked men. As darkness becomes spectator in a coliseum forged around us yet without walls. Only hope finds way to illuminate the vessel of our lives and from this light the waters about us, also. An intuitive sense is come alive within and we are awaked – some be – where eyes draw from the lessons learned from our journey’s toil. And we prepare for the confrontations of life we know await us in this upcoming New Year.

In a time when the love of many has waxed cold and we become a people without natural affection, like brute beast we devour the weak and helpless amongst us. Silencing the wailing cries of the colonized with rebuke coming from those who would subjugate a world. These who drink deeply from the African natural resources, Middle Eastern oil reserves as their president pivots military attention to the maintenance of sweat shops and commercial advantage throughout the Asian Pacific. While the oppressions of the Palestinian people draws from the political Israeli playbook for World Domination and prepares itself for advance upon the peoples of developed nations as political austerity.

Cold breeze fan our face with ever increasing chill as we look upon complexities of aristocratic sophistications giving design from which there appears no way of escape; is rather the message whispered into our ears. Questions of how to usurp authority from the ruling class are rendered into meaningless futilities of one size fits all social actions. As the incremental change message of non-violence, comes forth out of the war chest of Murderer for Hire in the personage of the CIA and its ambassadors of deadly force. Where we are advised to turn the other cheek or perhaps take on the martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi and embrace employing non-violent civil disobedience as did Dr. .

Crisis of conscience can bring turbulence to the decisions of which methodology we pursue in throwing off the chains of our discontent. Mahatam served a different God than that of the Judeao-Christian. Hence setting aside social prominence of the model I turn to the holy writ for some address to the question, “What is the relevant truth?” Innumerable systems of exegesis or seeking to understand passage of scripture fills the busy work of scholars with both anguish and exhilarations born of revelation.

Let us conclude for brevity sake that the Word of God is spirit and it is those who know the way of the spirit mind who bring the light of truth from out of the hidden reaches of the invisible. One such truth is that every verse of scripture has its mate; a necessary requisite for the fuller understanding we look for in the address. Of this delicate issue upon whose waters we tread.

Whereby we are allowed to rest upon a more contemporary response to global circumstance: there is a time for peace and a time for war. Recognizing therefore, the spirit of peace and the spirit of war are from God who determines the times and seasons for the purposes of which these are given to prosper. Laying foundation to compare spiritual things with spiritual things and credibly conclude that the non-violent approach of Mahatam Gandhi stands in opposition to invisible realm constants. War is to be prepared for with wise council and tactical understanding and that the soldier does not carry their weapon without purpose of bodily harm. We follow peace with all as much as it lies within us but we must recall God is a man of war and is the Lord of the battle’s outcome. Drawing from the wisdom of the 1960’s civil rights movement we assess the messages of Martin Luther King and that of the more militant Malcolm X. Conclusion being there are many paths to freedom and all most be traveled. Or at a minimum situated upon the table for discussion when considering the husbandman protects his house.

Removing the moral stain from the concepts of war we learn from the ancients that there was no military advance until the mind of God was known. And from this knowledge did flow miracles bringing forth incredible victories against overwhelming odds. Strategic genius incomprehensible to the finite understanding prevailed as hundreds scattered entire armies. Provision being made and tables spread in the presence of one’s enemies in no less dynamic way as the feeding of six thousand with two fish and five loaves. It is from the mind of the invisible that we turn with confidence to confront the contemporary barbarism and situate ourselves with the suffering and stand in the gap with the .

Political ’s invasion of the Nation of was made possible by the US; a nation who has been responsible for the literal deaths of millions. I do recall being carried up in prophetic dreams to the very throne of heaven where I was given to behold an image of God sitting upon his throne. From out of his throne I beheld every circumstance in the lives of men and women everywhere, every mathematical formula and every shade of learning known to men; came from out of and proceeded from under that throne. Establishing understanding that just as he accommodated the arrogance of those who opposed him in building the tower of Babel; so stands these who took upon themselves to build political in defiance to the word of truth.

What remains is the fullness of time as we are prepared to enter into the deeper depths of spiritual understanding with regard to the governing personage and powers of the invisible. The appointed time of purpose now is, as the seeds of spectacular demonstrations prepare themselves to emerge upon the global stage. What has been done in the darkness of backroom shenanigans will not forever prevail in the political or social apparatus – for the weapons of our warfare shall not be carnal. But, just as the blood of righteous Abel cried out from the ground and brought testimony with judgment against Cain for the murder of his brother. So shall the blood of the innocents condemn the networks comprising the Zionist – US collaboration for global domination; as giving way is considered and conceded to “The Breath of Hope.”

Article by Bishop Donald R. Corder | © Sabbah Report: