Paul Moss: I am an Englishman




I am an Englishman! What does that statement conjure up in the minds of people of this World? I fear the true answer today! however when I was a child growing up I was surrounded in a fog of purported Righteousness! It seemed the notable adults in my Country had all taken part in civilising Nations around the world, with goodly policing with harsh but necessary disciplining and finally missionary work to inject a healing peace using “our” Religion and ultimately a subservience to our ways, oh what a wonderful world it seemed was being born in part because of our Leadership and guidance, I grew up surrounded by whom served in the USAF and among their families, so I was ever aware of the military might that encompassed me on our green and pleasant Island, I would like here to be able to say that everyone lived happily ever after and Amen! Unfortunately I have had some 40 years to have this view and my belief systems obliterated slowly but surely Nothing added up Nothing stood up to scrutiny and Nothing much in society sat comfortably with what I understood in the Holy Scriptures which I loved and still do today, my very early(10-16yrs) political views were:

Africa, that distant country that just could not seem to get its stuff together, since the later part of the 1950’s we were sending Aid convoys there, the ground nut scheme where loads of machinery and experts were sent to remote parts of Africa to teach them how to grow harvest and process peanuts, and various other growing schemes, and many Tractors and lorries also were sent there along with thousands of water pumps and spare parts, and besides this missionaries to educate the peoples there, all through the sixties and seventies and continuing today at some level, TV in our homes would show all of this as our kindness our mercy missions, we were so good!


, was a place of aggressive people whom for some strange reason just decided to attack other People including us! I asked my Father and Mother why did they do this? They had no real answer other than to say they are just like that I suppose! The films that I watched supported this and instilled in me a belief that nations just go to war without an underlying or seemingly just cause!!! In fact an attitude of attack hard and sudden to insure that they do not attack back seemed to be justified from observing the multi-million dollar film media machine!

America, a place where people were a little more free to do what they wanted, where some were a little wild and lesser educated, where many Blacks were still treated as subservient to Whites or otherwise just mistreated, they were against Communism to extremes, and always had everything in excess of their needs, everything was overly plentiful, many of them seemed to be very condescending “” like! And there were others that were nice friendly people and pleasant company indeed.

Europe, a place other than where I lived, where people drink wine or weird coffee, eat snails and lounge about in the sun in an idle manner! Also fairly hot blooded and argumentative hairy people who love to waive their arms about and give birth to potential Mafia bosses!

Israel, the twelve tribes basically from Abraham seed a blessed people I then thought of them as being ! These people were clearly alternately punished when they stepped outside of the Commandments of God, and then greatly rewarded when they Obeyed the same!

Palestine, a special remote place where our Lord dwelled and suffered after teaching many thousands of people how they should live to please Almighty God, a place where flies sand and strong sun can break a person and where camels are remarkable beasts of burden, and the people eat figs dates sheep and goats and live a simple life.


And now I hang my head in shame, I understand that people around the world Love their own nations for reasons that far more justifiable than any reasons I had! In fact given the passage of time I realized I was in love with and proud of the military might, as well as with the neurolinguisticly taught goodness of our peoples, where I have come to know beyond doubt that we were then and still are lied to, by an insidious leadership of Elitist deceivers whom operate entirely outside of both decency and agreed laws and rules, there is not one book big enough to contain the web of Guile spun by these characters around the world, and no one can muster enough spit to express a fraction of the disgusting acts these people undertake daily, everything they undertake to do ends with suffering and Murders, and the great name of has been made a thing of Shame by so many who call themselves Christian, and yet they turn a blind eye and curse that which is good or innocent, and bless that which is abominable, What does Thou Shalt Not Kill mean to them? Is it a part time commandment? Is it negotiable?. Being “Nice” is Not good in itself because deceivers do this for evil, Being called Christian is Not good in itself because deceivers do this for evil, for this reason being Obedient to Almighty God and all of his commandments, despite calls to do this and that by Men in positions of responsibility we must be commanded directly by the only source of ultimate goodness, the Word of Almighty God! And his Commandments, and in this manner we also must test our Generals our Presidents/Prime ministers and any leaders. we have murdered and stolen Globally unabated for centuries! Now I know why Africa couldn’t get her stuff together for many decades! It was because the western world was behind the scenes causing havoc and instilling murderous ways among the natives and assassinating any that would become awakened and armed against the rape of there country, the immense wealth being stolen from her whilst insurrections were de-stabilizing her resolve to stop us, and back home we had TV (tell lie vision) showing our pitiful charity! Yet still we have been blessed abundantly as was promised to Abraham regardless of our actions, because this way our recompense will be all the greater as we shall become the great Bain of the world and our might shall be destroyed and everything about us made low and detestable, those who wilfully refuse to see the ways we have followed shall have their eyes forced open in a tribulation that has not before been witnessed by mankind we have not merely strayed we have caused our Lords name to become Anathema.

I now know who the Jews are that Jesus Christ was speaking of when he said they are Not Jews but the of Satan! even today many have no Idea that the Jew is but One tribe of Israel, but People are obsessed with the Name Jew Not realizing that there are 11 other tribes as well as others that will come under Abraham’s line.

The World wars were an implement of Commerce gone wild for mass gain, and no one side won in any sense at all in fact all of the participants just lost out and suffered greatly, all watched by the clean handed elitists that made the war machines, and to whom such sales were guaranteed at any price! Even the sale of Lands in possession of another peoples such as Palestine were agreed- the spilling of blood that guaranteed blood to be spilled over decades!

America where a proud people wrest in their war machine, and support a Parasite state that between them has cost the whole of their economy tens of times over, can it ever recover should it ever recover, some of her number have awakened but most choose not to.

England! What of England is it the USAF aircraft carrier? Is it a small part of Europe? Or is it the seat of the powers that Empirically strip the world of its dignity, I personally believe that these seats are spread far and wide, all I know is I am ashamed when I now say I am an Englishman and I sorely wish I were not ashamed, for that England was a Dream that nearly came into being, but now blood is everywhere.

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