Bishop Donald R. Corder: People of Good Conscience

Following the Israeli bombing of we can observe the political factions giving rise to this act of war. President Bashar al-Assad of the besieged sovereign nation of declares, “We know this and it is so well-documented that the objective of the and its NATO partners is to create factional violence, , promote divisions within Syria between Alawite Shi’ites and Christian communities. This is not a civil war; this is US-NATO sponsored insurgency.

In attempts to diffuse the explosive regional blast of bombs exploding in and around , the parties responsible are attempting to broker a peace that was initially fragmented by their initiative. Styled, as the of a nation and is being no less shameful than the bungled attempt to assassinate leader in September 25, 1997. Peace can be observed to being made a bargaining chip in culprits effort to exonerate themselves from the criminal conduct of political Israel.

At a time when the American President Barrack Hussein has signaled that the changing political winds erode the diplomatic support rendered by the US to the rogue nation. Therein, President ’s exposing Israel to collective and numerous UN sanctions along with possible legal entanglements with the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. When members of the United Kingdom’s Parliament decry the atrocities political Israel subjects the Palestinian to as . The Union (EU) is divided on whether Hamas constitutes a terrorist or band of freedom fighters. And the ’s US benefactor is the most hated nation on earth. For those who have appreciation for the supernatural ebbs and flows of life, it can be observed that we have entered into another dimension of spiritual reality.

Mention of spiritual things in the ’s community is usually relegated to the section on crackpots, religionist fanatics or something less than in good taste. Nonetheless, badges are assigned in all shapes and sizes, yet that has nothing to do with the factual truths alluded to, with respect unto what is shared. Hence, perception becomes the operative from which the invisible is embraced or rejected as so much ka..ka. Long and laborious arguments have ensued throughout the centuries, matriculated through the forums of highest learning, weaving their way through cocktail parties of the highest elegance and come to rest in secret societies; while every now and then such finds expression in the faith communities.

Protocols_of_the_Learned_Elders_of_Zion_Victor_E_MarsdenWhen considering the targeted agenda and paradigm framed within the treatise, “World Conquest Through World Government the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” Respect must be given to the translation being advocated by the translator – – as a work governed by dark entities who struck him with nauseating sickness during the one hour periods he could endure handling the work’s translation from Russian into English. Such demonic infiltration is also confessed in the “ State,” a work penned by the Father of Modern , . Significance of these suggests that a holistic assessment of the circumstance, operation and outcomes of these involvements finds its life in the invisible sphere. Whose spirit is being employed to inspire planned disruptions of indigenous governments and re-writing the constitutions of Middle Eastern nations or those places on earth who do not agree with the imperialist design of the Zionist-American-NATO collaborations of war.

Spiritual awakening has taken place since the Israeli bombing and continued genocide of in October of 2012. First there was the vision over , bearing purpose to dismantle the dark political structures and networks giving life to the political mind of the Zionist government. Rather than choosing life, those in the driver’s seat of Israeli leadership have chosen to drive over the edge of the global cliff. And seem to be comfortable with massive death, destruction and anguish in the lives of the people whether Jew or ; as they risk by pursuit of their expansionist policy.

So, as the darkness abounds: the powerful light of new revelation and knowledge of the invisible things comes markedly forth. Preparation of years have been gathered together and become the ground for foundational truths and enablement’s prepared for these perilous times. When, the voice of reason appears to be silenced across the earth but even the more so in expansionisms. We are alerted to having moved out of a time of relevant reasoning to the next dimensions of prophecy and woe. The collective wrong rendered against the peoples of the Nation of and multi-national pursuits of Zionist sympathizers, Christian Zionism and agents. Will bring a just recompense of reward in that although the and faith community has been forgotten or set aside; who presents evidence they have been abandoned by their God.

With fall of the American Republic idealism, Russian armada being positioned to reinforce the Iranian control of the Strait of of Hormuz against the Zionist-American-NATO war machine and governmental campaigns waged against their people; where they incite wars and rumors of wars. This growing darkness will trigger mechanism within the regions of the supernatural to multiply themselves the more.

Some will come to us as men of war, some politically connected and some will be holy men and prophets. It is garnering the powers of prayer covering upon those who are out in the field that one can put to flight a thousand and two will scatter ten thousand of the adversary both visible and invisible. Organizers will be graced with an uncanny wisdom from which they draw strategic employments against those who would call themselves guardians of the earth. But, out of hidden and obscure places will come forth spiritual leadership who will know the way of mysteries hidden from before the foundation of the world.

Collaborators will be singled out and identified very much like the witch doctors who came to do war with Evangelist . Where the evangelist shares with us how these enemies were supernaturally revealed and he confronted them from throughout the thousands gathered at the meeting, and the workers of darkness were scattered. The powers of the invisible realm will move beyond the conjectures of those who don’t know but will frame the reality wherein we who are called into service and do hear, will abide.

will be confronted with the hard realities of what it is that they truly believe; is really the truth. Just as Joshua was able to pray and stop the sun from appearing to move across the sky or Elijah the prophet closed the heavens and it did not rain for three years. This level of the miraculous will come forth from hidden places where the wretched of the earth abide, as the darkness abounds in Palestine so will the children of light.

Those who are of good conscience must consider these things, whether they be so. And find for themselves whether wisdom excelleth folly, as far as light excelleth darkness or is it better to have a mind positioned in nothingness? Political realities are issues of the heart of leadership and although prayer changes things. Change must begin in our own hearts and wisdom manifests within the spirit of our minds. Where regard is rendered unto knowing that through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: Wherewith, by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Then, let us all learn from a truth, “Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with the spirit of all wisdom.” From such a place shall we not be made free indeed?

Article by Bishop Donald R. Corder | © Sabbah Report: