Israeli Operation Cast Lead Gaza Massacre, Israeli & American War Crimes

By Dr. Arthur F. Billy

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The Strip is the world’s largest Israeli open air Concentration camp containing about 1.5 million , of which 50 percent are children. are our fellow human being. They are bottled up in the like sardines by the Israeli Military. This “Video” graphically depicts in part the most vile, evil, inhuman Israeli behavior and actions against the ever suffering practically defenseless Palestinian people of Gaza who have no military or sophisticated made weapons as has, to defend and protect them from the unwarranted cowardly Israeli military attacks, mayhem and massacres.

This presentation is a Memorial and a Requiem for the Dead of Gaza, Honouring the Valiant Palestinian People and a Monument to the People of Gaza.

It is impossible to show and tell about all that happened before, during and after the Operation . This presentation presents the TRUTH.

May this requiem force the Israelis and all who view this testament to share the suffering and the pain of the Palestinian people with all the compassion the souls of humans everywhere should feel for one another.

Should the United States of House of Representatives, and the Senate care to spend two hours in rapt meditation witnessing the reality of the slaughter they supported in Israel’s invasion of Gaza, even their gold plated hearts would melt at the brutality, the ruthlessness, the absolute mercilessness of the state they support with such sanctimonious sentiments when they slither up the AIPAC carpet to seek their favor and forget the consequences to their immortal souls.

May they and all who view this memorial to the dead of Gaza, give serious thought to what we have wrought in our undeviating support for the Zionist mind, because that mind suffers from no remorse, bears no responsibility for its acts, and willfully uses even our representatives as fools to gain their ends.

There is no monument like it anywhere; it is the victims’ tale of fear and suffering caught in the act of betrayal by those who have renounced their humanness. It is, therefore, a cry to all peoples everywhere that our civilized world of the 21st century has accomplished what no other barbaric horde of times past could achieve…a requiem for those who died conveyed through the weeping eyes and torn faces of those who witnessed this testament to inhumanity delivered by a nation that reverted back to tribal indifference of others and hate for others and vengeance to others.

Please widely disseminate the slideshow “Video” The Israeli Operation Cast Lead Massacre, The Israeli and American , Rev.14, 05-15-11, so that as many people as possible will know the TRUTH about the Israeli Barbarity in order to help bring about the end of the brutal Israeli and bring JUSTICE, PEACE and RESTITUTION for the Palestinian people who have been enduring theft of their land and unimaginable suffering inflicted on them by Israel for over 65 years. You may forward it to as many people as you wish.

The more people know what savages and barbarians the Israel’s are the sooner their downfall will happen. Many people of conscience in the world are fed up with the vile Israeli behaviour and the War Crimes and that Israel has committed and is still committing against the practically defenseless Palestinian people which is illegal according to International law.

It is over more than two years since the massacre and utter immense of the Gaza infrastructure by the Israeli military. Nothing goes into or out of Gaza without Israel’s permission. All essential supplies for rebuilding Gaza, human survival and medical care are not allowed into Gaza. Because of this Gaza has not been rebuilt and the people of Gaza are suffering worse than ever. This is part of Israel’s plan of their genocide of the Palestinian people in the Gaza strip.

Without personal or other bias, Judge for yourself.

By Dr. Arthur F. Billy | © Sabbah Report:


Dr. Arthur Billy started working on the “Video” on January 10, 2011. It took about 1450 hours to complete the presentation on May 15, 2011, Palestinian Nakba Day (disaster Day on May 15, 1948), with help from two very caring men, Ph.D., Professor of English, University of Laverne, Laverne, California and Gilad Atzmon MA.Phil., Musician and Author, London, England.

The “Video” contains 1106 slides composed of 981 picture slides, 87 Text Files and 38 Title Slides.